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The Hon. John Ruddick (LDP)

A political discourse was silenced on the internet recently when far-left YouTube decided to remove the maiden speech of John Ruddick, an Australian politician representing the Liberal Democrats (which is the libertarian party), in the New South Wales (NSW) Parliament, claiming the spread of medical misinformation.

Ruddick, who quit the Liberal Party after 27 years to join the Liberal Democrats, launched into a critique of the government’s COVID-19 policies during a parliamentary speech. The politician argued against the widespread lockdowns and vaccination efforts, claiming they were disproportionate responses to a virus with a fatality rate comparable to the seasonal flu.

“The authoritarian COVID police state all over a bad flu. Bad flu happen from time to time. But we treated COVID as though it was ebola. The COVID fatality rate in New South Wales was 0.13%, at the upper end of what we expect each winter, maybe a little bit more. But to call COVID a pandemic was an insult to pandemics,” said Ruddick. “The New South Wales government locks citizens in quarantine just for being near a COVID positive person.”

Ruddick also took issue with the worldwide vaccination campaign, which he described as “vaccine extremism.” He criticized the New South Wales government for implementing lockdowns that lasted longer than initially planned and for imposing what he considered draconian vaccine mandates.

“We won’t let you out until you take multiple injections of not only a rushed vaccine, but of an entirely new class of vaccine,” he lamented.

The politician went on to question the safety of the vaccines, citing data he claims indicates increased excess death rates following mass mRNA vaccinations.

“Last year, the New South Wales Health Department published weekly data showing the fewer vaccines you had, the less likely you went to hospital or ICU,” said Ruddick.

“Since the vaccine rollout, there has been a 15% to 20% increase in excess deaths in nations like Australia who had the mass mRNA injections. Is it the vaccine, or is it the bitter hangover from locking people up for so long? We don’t know. But either way, it’s almost certainly the result of poor governance and yet another reason for a COVID royal commission,” he added.

Ruddick also promoted the use of Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19, suggesting that the pushback against it was driven by pharmaceutical companies’ profit motives.

“Prior to COVID, ivermectin had been prescribed to humans, not 4 million times, but 4 billion times. It’s such a wonder drug. The inventors won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine,” said Ruddick.

“Soon after COVID arrived, various researchers around the world began noticing ivermectin just may be unusually helpful in treating COVID patients. But Big Pharma was alarmed that if Ivermectin worked, it was too cheap to make squillions off. So Big Pharma told politicians to not only ban it for sale but to claim Ivermectin is only a horse dewormer,” he added.

After his speech was posted on YouTube, the platform removed it, citing its policies against spreading medical misinformation. The removal has since sparked debates about the platform’s content moderation policies and its role in controlling the narrative surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

John Ruddick has revealed plans to propose a free speech amendment to the New South Wales constitution, in response to an increasing threat of censorship from the government and big tech companies.

Ruddick told The Gateway Pundit that the Australian government is working with tech companies to censor content the same in the US.

“Absolutely yes,” Ruddick said when asked if Australian government is colluding with Big Tech.

“The Commonwealth (national) government has advanced plans to regulate social media against disinformation and misinformation (i.e., speech that embarrasses the government),” he added.

As a countermeasure, Ruddick intends to introduce a free speech amendment to the constitution of New South Wales, the largest of Australia’s six states. He says the amendment will mirror the U.S. First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech.

Ruddick shared his intentions via a tweet: “The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is proposing to ‘regulate’ media and ban ‘misinformation’ etc. This is fascism 101. At the next sitting of the NSW parliament I will be proposing an amendment to the NSW Constitution that strictly guarantees free speech.”

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is proposing to ‘regulate’ media and ban ‘misinformation’ etc.

This is fascism 101.

At the next sitting of the NSW parliament I will be proposing an amendment to the NSW Constitution that strictly guarantees free speech.

— John Ruddick MLC (@JohnRuddick2) July 3, 2023

While Ruddick concedes that his proposal might not receive approval from the New South Wales parliament, he is interested in observing the arguments that will be used against it.

“The worst part about it is that while we now have a left-wing federal government (the Australian Labor Party) … this social media crackdown was initially proposed by the previous government that is ostensibly a right-wing government,” Ruddick explained.

He lamented the fact that this so-called right-wing party, the Liberal Party, has strayed from its original values, leading him to join the libertarian party.

“The right-wing party of government here is called the Liberal Party but they are now mostly what you would call RINOs … which is why I left and joined our libertarian party (currently called the Liberal Democrats but soon to be called the Libertarian Party of Australia),” he said.

You can watch his entire speech in the parliament below:

Never before in Australian history has a politician’s maiden speech to parliament been banned from YouTube. It just happened to Liberal Democrats MLC @JohnRuddick2.

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Watch below:

— Liberal Democrats NSW (@LibDemNSW) June 29, 2023

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