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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) joined Steve Bannon and the War Room audience in the halls of CPAC on Saturday morning.

MTG told the War Room crowd she still supports Speaker Kevin McCarthy and does not regret it at all.

Steve Bannon: let me ask. It’s a tough one. Were you right to back McCarthy during the fight or will you walk us through it? You got your biggest fans here. Talk to us about it.

Rep. MTG: Well, I was definitely right. And I think everyone’s starting to see the decision that I made was the right decision. We only have four seats in our majority that help us get things passed and help us have the gavel. And the gavel is everything. Because let me explain something to you all. The gavel means subpoena power. And if we have never had a time like before where we need subpoena power, and I look forward to taking part in a lot of that on our upcoming committee hearings.

The audience was silent.

MTG still has a tough sell with the MAGA crowd on McCarthy.

Via The War Room:

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