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Joe Biden has been given many fitting nicknames over the course of his political career. These include “Sleepy Joe,” “Creepy Joe,” “Dementia Joe, and “Corrupt Joe Biden.”

But thank to yesterday’s explosive revelation that Biden demeans his staff in various ways, including screaming at them uncontrollably, we now have arguably the most fitting and brutal nickname yet for the so-called “president.”

Courtesy of Catturd, here was the front page in today’s New York Post unveiling the new nickname.


Today’s New York Post cover … Old Yeller.

— Catturd (@catturd2) July 11, 2023

There are multiple reasons why the nickname “Old Yeller” is devastating to Biden. First, it reminds every single American of his ancient age which is one of the main obstacles to him seizing another term in office.

Second, Old Yeller blows up the veneer of Biden as a kindly old grandpa who loves ice cream. Instead, it perfectly encapsulates his true character which is a mean old man with a violent temper.

Finally, his new nickname comes from a 1957 movie about a loving dog who has to be put down after contracting rabies. Conservatives across the country are counting the days until they are no longer subjected to Biden’s rabid behavior and corrupt policies. He will either lose re-election or probably die in office if he “wins.”

Twitter users responded by erupting in laughter and mocking Joe “Old Yeller” Biden.

Today’s New York Post cover … Old Yeller.

— Catturd (@catturd2) July 11, 2023

— Vlad Green (@VladislavGreene) July 11, 2023

“Old Yeller” – Joe Biden

“No Yellow” – Hunter Biden

— Gain of Fauci (@DschlopesIsBack) July 11, 2023

Joey is perma-mad.

— ToniHS101 (@toni_hs101) July 11, 2023


— E (@CcpSkipTracer) July 11, 2023

But Old Yeller got rabies and they had to ….

Actually I like where this is headed.

— Paul Emerson (@notanokguy) July 11, 2023

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