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Like everything else that gets destroyed by toxic wokeness, viewership for the Oscars has cratered over the past decade as the awards show became more political, nasty and openly left-wing.

This year’s ratings were no different. Sunday’s broadcast of the Academy Awards, which was hosted by left-wing comedian Jimmy Kimmel, garnered a middling 18.7 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

While this year’s audience rose 12 percent from the abysmal 16.6 million viewers the show got in 2022, the ratings are overall mediocre compared to past years, when they regularly topped 30 million.

To put it in perspective, this year’s broadcast was the third-lowest in Oscars history.

Here’s a look at the show’s viewership over the past decade, according to Statista:

2013: 40.3 million
2014: 43.7 million
2015: 36.6 million
2016: 34.3 million
2017: 32.9 million
2018: 26.5 million
2019: 29.6 million
2020: 23.6 million
2021: 9.8 million
2022: 16.6 million
2023: 18.8 million.

It’s possible that this year’s telecast outperformed last year’s simply because many people were curious to see if another entitled celebrity would have a meltdown like actor Will Smith did in 2022, when he slapped presenter Chris Rock on stage over a benign joke.

Host Jimmy Kimmel’s performance was vacuous and uninspired, as he took a predictable dig at Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s game-changing move to air raw footage of the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion.

Jimmy Kimmel’s FAILED attempt at roasting Tucker Carlson over J6 footage at Oscars just a week after Tucker IMPLODED his career went just as bad as you’d expect…

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) March 13, 2023

Weird how Jimmy Kimmel made a career out of wearing black face and mocking sexual assault and was the host of the #OSCARS …I thought Hollywood told us these things were bad?

— Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) March 13, 2023

In the days preceding this year’s telecast, Kimmel was mocked on Twitter for his distasteful history of inappropriate jokes that any conservative would be immediately destroyed over.

Jimmy Kimmel to host Oscars again in 2023

— Kevin Dalton (@TheKevinDalton) November 7, 2022

FLASHBACK No. 3: @jimmykimmel Blackface @Oprah.

— @amuse (@amuse) March 3, 2023

FLASHBACK No. 4: @jimmykimmel Blackface @TheDeliverer_32

— @amuse (@amuse) March 3, 2023

Many of us who used to watch the Oscars every year began boycotting it in 2017, when the show took an extreme turn to the left and began viciously attacking then-President Donald Trump, along with numerous other conservatives.

Even the liberal New York Times admitted that the toxic injection of left-wing politics has alienated viewers.

“Increasingly, the ceremonies are less about entertainment honors and more about progressive politics, which inevitably annoys those in the audience who disagree,” according to a 2021 Times story.

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“One recent producer of the Oscars, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss confidential metrics, said minute-by-minute post-show ratings analysis indicated that ‘vast swaths’ of people turned off their televisions when celebrities started to opine on politics.”

So the pithy observation seems to ring true: Get woke, go broke.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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