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The NBA has been insufferably woke for a few years now. They love to virtue signal for Black Lives Matter and everything else the left embraces.

And now they’re entering into a new partnership with a company in China, a country that uses slave labor, poisons the environment and even has what are effectively concentration camps.

It’s all about money. The NBA wants those dollars that come from selling jerseys and sneakers in China.

The FOX Business Network reports:

NBA enters strategic partnership with fintech company Ant Group in China

The NBA and Chinese fintech company Ant Group have entered a strategic partnership in China to work on different projects like video content, broadcasting and membership, Ant Group announced Tuesday.

Chinese fans would gain access to NBA video content on Alipay, a payment app owned by Ant Group, the company said in a statement.

The relationship between the NBA and Ant Group will also feature joint marketing campaigns, digital collectibles and other areas, according to the statement.

Last week, NBA China launched a channel in Alipay that showcases user-generated content from NBA China’s network of influencers and Alipay’s authorized content creators.

The NBA is a popular cultural export to China and the basketball league’s presence in the Chinese market brings in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. But the NBA’s longtime partnership with Chinese state broadcaster CCTV was strained in recent years after former Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey expressed his support for anti-government protestors in Chinese-ruled Hong Kong in 2019.

Jimmy Failla of FOX News talked about the hypocrisy of this move, noting how silent the NBA is on criticizing China while never shutting up about their criticisms of the United States. Watch:

The NBA’s Social Justice Referees are swallowing their whistles on China’s human rights abuses again, my latest with Fox and Friends:

— Jimmy Failla (@jimmyfailla) February 21, 2023

Conservatives should stop giving their time and money to the NBA. It’s just another woke corporate entity that’s willing to embrace China while bashing the country that made it a billion dollar industry.

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