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Great news.

The Georgia Senate passed legislation that would erect a statue honoring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at the Georgia State Capitol.

The bill now heads to the Georgia House of Representatives, which is dominated by Republicans.

Epoch Times reported:

Georgia’s state Senate passed legislation on Feb. 14 to erect a statue honoring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at the state capitol in Atlanta, despite the impassioned objections of Democratic lawmakers.

Thomas, a black man, has long been a target of the left for his conservative, constitutionalist views and has been bitterly denounced by Democrats for years, often in offensive, racial terms.

The GOP-controlled Georgia Senate approved Senate Bill 69 by 32–20 in a party-line vote after Democrats withdrew a proposed amendment that would have also mandated a statue of the late U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a Civil Rights Era activist who died in 2020. The Thomas monument would be paid for with private funds.

State Sen. Ben Watson, a Savannah Republican who is sponsoring the statue legislation, said Thomas has worked hard in his life, struggled, and overcome steep odds.

Despite Justice Thomas’ impressive track record, he was smeared by Georgia Democrats.

Georgia State Senator Emanuel Jones smeared Justice Thomas as an “Uncle Tom.”

What he didn’t say is that black Americans agree with Justice Thomas on many key issues.

2/ Most black Americans agree w/ Justice Thomas on issues. Thomas has long been opposed to race-based affirmative action programs. In fact, 59% of black Americans are against race factoring into college admissions, according to 2022 Pew poll.

— Mark Paoletta (@MarkPaoletta) February 16, 2023

4/ In May ‘22 YouGov poll, 81% of black respondents said abortion should be banned after the 25th week (essentially the third trimester).

— Mark Paoletta (@MarkPaoletta) February 16, 2023

6/ are obligated to support views of their funders. That’s what happened in 1991 when NAACP opposed Justice Thomas’ nomination at request of white labor unions, despite his strong support in black community (in July 1991 USA Today poll, 54% supported, only 17% opposed).

— Mark Paoletta (@MarkPaoletta) February 16, 2023

Democrats smear Justice Thomas because he defends the US constitution!

For the antidote to media bias, check out…

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