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Project Veritas on Tuesday released whistleblower video confirming the Chicago Housing Authority is leaving homeless Americans on the streets in favor of illegal aliens.

“The mayor [of Chicago] has not signed the bill for Americans to be permanently placed.” – one homeless whistleblower told PV.

“They told me that those [migrant] families were a priority over us.” – another homeless man told PV.

“I went to check my status for housing. I was number 20 on the list, but now it went to 67 because they had to prioritize the illegal immigrants, and I’m like, that’s so unfair. I’ve been waiting three years on this list,” he said.

Via Project Veritas:

Project Veritas released a new video today showing the harsh conditions that the American homeless population endures because of limited resources that are being prioritized for the influx of illegal immigrants in the city.

Beatrice, who is a whistleblower with concerns for how the American homeless population is being treated, told Veritas journalists that Chicago has prioritized illegals over citizens. She also alleges that the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, may be partially to blame.

“The mayor has not signed the bill for Americans to be permanently placed,” Beatrice said.

“They are prioritizing immigrants over Americans,” she said.

In a conversation with a homeless shelter worker, Beatrice asked how the system currently prioritizes housing applications:

Beatrice:You’re placing Americans?

Homeless Shelter Worker:Yes…So, once those [spots] open up and we get their services started, it’s going to house locals and-

Beatrice:So, they don’t just get placed first.

Homeless Shelter Worker:Well, they [immigrants] get placed first because they got nothing.

Beatrice:They get placed first because they have nothing, but how about the homeless Americans?

Homeless Shelter Worker:They will get placed after, once it’s open.

Beatrice:They get placed after.

Homeless Shelter Worker:Mhm.


BREAKING: Whistleblower Video Confirms @theCHAtweets Leaving Homeless Americans on Streets in Favor of Illegal Immigrants in Housing Application

“We can’t let them in yet because the @chicagosmayor hasn’t approved it.”#AmericansLast

— Project Veritas (@Project_Veritas) March 1, 2023

Editor’s note: This project was in the works while James O’Keefe was still leading the organization. The Gateway Pundit supports James O’Keefe and our friends who are still a part of the organization.

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