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On Thursday, March 2 at 9:00 am Eastern we had the honor of hosting two of our favorite patriot heavyweights for the Political Prisoner Podcast.

Jake Lang, joined us live from prison where he has been held for 774 days without trial.  He was joined by General Michael Flynn who Jake interviewed for the Gateway Pundit Political Prisoner Podcast.  

Jake was nearly killed on January 6th when he was gassed and smothered by a huge pile of people on the steps of the US Capitol.  The woman beside him, Rosanne Boyland, was killed that day.  She was gassed, crushed and beaten by Capitol Police Officer Lila Morris several dozen times.  Capitol Police Officer Lila Morris was filmed beating Rosanne with a stick after she passed out.  While Jake was buried under the pile, Capitol police continued to push protesters on top of him.  Jake also saw Philip Anderson’s limp body laying next to Rosanne Boyland. Jake was able to pull Anderson to safety and saved his life that day.  But Jake was not able to save Rosanne from the police.  Rosanne Boyland was killed by police on the steps of the US Capitol.  The mainstream media ignored the crime and instead lied about Rosanne following her death.

On Thursday, January 6 police violence victim Philip Anderson also joined Jake to discuss his ordeal and to thank Jake for saving his life that day.

** Here is a link to the entire Twitter Space discussion.

General Flynn dropped several bombs during the interview:

The Deep State Psyop on the America People:

“Let me touch on that because I think that this is a really important point about sort of this psyop that we’re involved in, right, the psychological operation that we’re involved in as you plan these things or put these things together because this is sort of what we’re going through. And so when you go after people like me, you take these first steps, and you literally go in and you try to punish people at the highest levels, these sort of political targets because you disagree with their political philosophy. You disagree with the kinds of things that they’re wanting to do, frankly, to help the country politically. Right? You go after those of us, in my particular case, and I’ll speak for myself, just an incredible level of persecution. And so they make these things very public, right? And what it does is it puts a bit of fear into others that are in that walk of life, that are in that sort of high profile walk of life, right?”… We’re going to go after sort of the smaller targets, the smaller fish in the sea, right? And we’re going to go after a lot of them because what it does is it puts a blanket of fear over the entirety of our country.

The Government Withholding Exculpatory Evidence:

“Exculpatory evidence is something that I learned quite a bit about because the FBI and the Department of justice but remember, folks, the FBI works for the Department of justice, and the Attorney General is the head of the Department of justice. And then, of course, they work for the President of the United States. So when somebody goes, well, they’re appointed, or whatever. No. So exculpatory evidence. Exculpatory evidence is evidence that is good or bad for a defendant, right? It can be good or bad, but you have to receive it. It’s a Supreme Court ruling that you have to receive it. Exculpatory evidence could be video. Could be video showing Jake trying to save somebody’s life and showing how they’re crushing the life of this Boyland, right… Trust me, Jake, the Department of justice, not only in your case, but in all these cases, is withholding exculpatory evidence. They did it to me, and they did it in a huge way. And of course, honestly, it took a miracle to get to where I was at, where a special counsel was brought in because it was so egregious. And in my own dismissal, the Department of justice had to admit that they committed a crime against me. And so I guarantee that there’s a ton of exculpatory evidence being withheld.

Release the Tapes – We Are Going to Find a Setup!

“What we need Congress to do is just establish a website and drop every single video on that website, all 40,000 hours, I guess, put it out on that website and let the American people go to town and and and really dig in, because believe me, they will dig in. Lawyers that are supporting, you know, people like yourself or others, they can do it. But believe me, the American people, and all of a sudden, the truth will start bubbling, bubble and bubbling until it just rises to the top, and we’re all of a sudden we’re going to see, holy shit, excuse my Irish. This was a total set up.

Where the hell is the Supreme Court?

“The United States Supreme Court, they have a role in all of this. They have a role to protect the integrity of the justice system, the judiciary, particularly the judiciary, in fact, specifically the judiciary. When we look at somebody like you and there’s constitutional issues that are being violated, your rights are being violated constitutionally. So where the hell is Justice Roberts? Where is Chief Justice Roberts?

They’re as bad as the silent Germans who acquiesced to the Nazis in World War II:

The justices on that court, especially the Chief Justice, they have an obligation to protect the integrity of the Constitution and the integrity of the judiciary because they’re the highest court in the land. And so I kind of question, like, where the hell are they? I mean, they cannot sit there and say, well, we didn’t know. We’re not aware. That’s as bad as the (silent Germans to the) Nazis in World War II saying, well, I was just following orders. We didn’t know. Yes, sir. I’m sick of it. I want people and if I sound like I’m upset, I am upset.

This country is in big trouble – we must be determined:

“If I sound like I’m determined, I am determined. And I’m determined to make sure that we don’t lose this country. We don’t lose this country. And I want people to understand me, from my perspective, some may be hearing from me for the first time, some may have heard from me say other things. And I’m not perfect. None of us are, Jake. But I do know that we’re in deep trouble in this country. And it’s because your example of what you’re withstanding and then being able to just for us to be able to do this because the people are going to go, oh, he’s able to do a podcast, go sit with him for a month, go sit with him for a year. Try 26. It’s unbelievable. So anyway, I’ll stop, get off my high horse and turn it back to you, Jake.”

Today, Jake Lang languishes in prison, alone, for up to 20 hours a day.  Jake has not been convicted of a crime. 

He has been held in prison by the Biden regime for over two years now.

On several occasions, Jake has been cast into solitary confinement during his tenure without any justification. Jake has been transferred to eight different detention facilities over the course of the last 22 months.

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