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The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee (HELP) held a hearing Wednesday called “Defending the Right of Workers to Organize Unions Free from Illegal Corporate Union-Busting.”

The HELP Committee is chaired by Socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

During the hearing, Oklahoma Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin had a heated confrontation with Teamsters President Sean O’Brien regarding O’Brien’s exorbitant salary compared to his union members.

Mullin started off the exchange by pointing out how he and his employees were bullied by unions like O’Brien’s because of pure jealousy.

They would show up at my house. They’d be leaning up against my trucks. I’m not afraid of a physical confrontation, in fact sometimes I look forward to it. That’s not my problem. But when you’re doing that to my employees?

“For what? Because we were paying higher wages? Because we had better benefits, and [weren’t] requiring them to pay your guys’ absorbent salaries?”

Mullin and O’Brien then began arguing over the Teamster president’s salary. Mullin noted during the exchange O’Brien makes far more than his employees while bringing little to the table.

The Oklahoma senator then asked a pertinent question which the union boss had no answer for:

“What job have you created – one job – other than sucking the paycheck out of somebody else?”

Instead, O’ Brien whined that Mullin was “out of line” before Mullin told the union boss to “shut your mouth because you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sanders tried to interrupt the crosstalk but failed.

O’Brien then lost his mind and insulted Mullin:

You’re going to tell me to shut my mouth? (Mocking Mullin) I’m a tough guy not afraid of physical confrontation.


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Sanders eventually saved O’Brien, and the Teamsters president proceeded to continue his meltdown with this laughable assertion:

As far as my salary goes – my salary, if you follow me around – I actually looked at this building. I bet you I work more hours than you do. Twice as many hours.

Mullin and O’Brien then argue over each other’s salaries and the salaries of O’Brien’s employees. During this exchange, Mullin told O’Brien “Sir, you do not know what hard work is.”

The Oklahoma senator then returns to the fact that O’Brien has never created a job and steals paychecks. This causes the union boss to melt down further:

We hold greedy CEOs like yourself accountable. You want to attack my salary, I’ll attack yours. What did you make when you owned your company?

When Mullin responded that he kept his salary to $50,000 a year so he could “invest every penny into his company,” O’Brien baselessly accused Mullin of hiding his money.

Mullin released a statement to Fox News Digital after the hearing slamming O’Brien’s “lack of decorum” and Sanders for siding with the Teamsters boss:

The behavior we saw today was typical of how union bosses, many of whom have never created a single job, use intimidation tactics to pressure employees into joining unions which some workers may deem to be against their interests. I find it unacceptable that Chairman Bernie Sanders did nothing to address the lack of decorum from the witness panel.

This is what leftist bullies always do when the truth is revealed.

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