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FOX News continued today to cement its image as just another Trump-bashing mainstream media channel.

Mike Pence was invited on to America’s Newsroom this morning. The former vice president who is running for president for some reason, was asked about Ukrainian President Zelensky’s swipe at Trump in a recent ABC interview.

Zelensky trash-talked Trump during his interview with Martha Raddatz saying “It seems to me that the sole desire to bring the war to an end is beautiful. But this desire should be based on some real-life experience.” This was in response to President Trump saying he would end the War in Ukraine in 24 hours.

Zelensky’s response did not make much sense since Russia only invaded Ukraine last year in 2022.

Mike Pence quickly took credit for President Trump’s tough stance on the international stage.

Mike Pence: the reason why Russia did not even attempt to redraw international lines by force during our administration is because we were strong. We made it clear that we not only had rebuilt our military, but they were willing to use military force in Syria, our armed forces taking down ISIS. And frankly, we took down over 100 Russian soldiers in a military engagement in Syria itself.

Pence contradicts himself and then pushes for more war with Russia.

Via Midnight Rider.

Mike Pence: So. Look, I understand President Zelensky’s frustration. The Russians were in Crimea. They had taken that area during the Obama years. But, look, there’s only one pathway towards success here, and that is to give the Ukrainian military, much more quickly than Joe Biden has done, what they need to repel the Russian invasion and reclaim their country.

Mike Pence is a clown. He’s nothing like President Trump. What a joke.

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