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The Daily Mail reported that one famous Sin City hotel played host to a massive and nasty cat fight involving multiple deranged women wearing trashy outfits over the weekend.

With Hollywood writers on strike, one can envision TV executives trying to cast these deranged loons in another dumb reality TV show. These do not require hardly any writing at all.

The Daily Mail obtained footage Monday showing a group of at least four crazy ladies slapping, clawing, and attempting to beat the tar out of each other on the casino floor of the luxurious, five-star Las Vegas’ Encore at Wynn venue. The brawl drew a huge number of gawking spectators.

The U.K.-based paper spliced together two videos capturing parts of the brawl. The first shows one lady pinning a second woman on to the casino’s red carpet. Both are barefoot an the first woman’s buttocks is completely exposed.


With the first woman in total command, a third lady barges in and punches a fourth woman in the face. The Daily Mail describes the fourth lady as a friend of the first woman.

Then a brave man in a blue shirt emerges from nowhere to pin two of the loons against a wall and stop the first woman from hitting them with her nasty shoes.

Credit: Daily Mail
Credit: the Daily Mail

As one watches the video, the person filming can be heard taking the Lord’s name in vain. Also notice that all four women are wearing trashy outfits.

The second clip from the Daily Mail then starts and shows the cat fight resuming in an equally nasty fashion.

The third woman is shown brawling with the first woman with them both locked up together. They start slapping and trying to kicking each other.

This goes on for several seconds before the man wearing blue and security guard arrive to end the fight in epic fashion. The security guard pins the first woman to the floor with her arms behind her back.

Credit: The Daily mail

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