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Arizona GOP star Kari Lake, whose election was tragically stolen from her last November, is now weighing her options should the corrupt and stolen election continue to stand. 

After a rally in Iowa last Friday, Lake was asked by a reporter, “Are you planning to run for President?”

Lake responded with her endorsement of President Trump and destroyed the media for refusing to cover the stolen 2020 Election.

Watch below.

Lake was repeatedly asked by the fake news media while campaigning for Arizona Governor if she would be President Trump’s running mate in 2024. They all know that Kari Lake is an incredible candidate who can win any election!

However, Kari Lake maintains that she is focused on her lawsuit against the rigged 2022 Election, and “If my court case is successful, I would then step over and take the Governorship.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, the Arizona Court of Appeals held a closed-door conference on February 1 after agreeing to expedite Kari Lake’s lawsuit against Maricopa County–where 59% of machines failed on Election Day and tabulators reportedly rejected nearly 1/4 million vote attempts–and former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. Kari Lake said she expects the Court to move quickly, and she has repeatedly said she will take her case to the Arizona Supreme Court if the Appeals Court does not give a correct and lawful ruling.

JUST IN: “Our Expectation Is The Panel Will Move This Case Quickly” – Kari Lake Gives Update On Private Conference Yesterday In Arizona Court Of Appeals

No honest person in Arizona believes that Katie Hobbs won the election for Governor, and we are still awaiting a decision from the Court. Lake told Charlie Kirk last week, “my number one priority is our court case, and I have full confidence in our court case,” but she is “entertaining” a run for US Senate in 2024. “I’m also looking at what happens if we don’t get a decent ruling in that.”

Lake showed off her ability to campaign in other states over the weekend. The Gateway Pundit reported that Lake returned to her hometown in Iowa last week and hosted a series of meet-and-greets with supporters from across the nation. Hundreds overfilled the venues to see the conservative Trump-Endorsed warrior.

During a February 10 event in Scott County, Lake spoke about her stolen election and possible US Senate bid, given that the corrupt courts allow the massive fraud in Arizona to go unpunished. She also acknowledged a supporter who cried for Lake to be Trump’s Vice President pick, saying, “I love President Trump. I will do everything in my power to get that man elected.”

WATCH: Kari Lake Speaks To HUGE Crowd In Iowa, Says Election Lawsuit Is NUMBER ONE Focus, Talks About Potential Senate Run, VP Pick? – “I Will Do Everything In My Power To Get President Trump Elected”

An estimated 650 people packed into a sold-out room in Scott County to see the gubernatorial candidate from Arizona. Lake also gathered a crowd of 350+ in Ankeney County on February 11.

Kari Lake has proven that she can rally the nation as a Vice Presidential Candidate. Lake has also proven that she is the only candidate who can take on the fake news media like President Trump.

President Trump should ask Kari Lake to be his running mate!

Many prominent figures have suggested that Kari Lake would be an incredible VP pick for President Trump’s America First agenda.

Conservative author and ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel tweeted on Sunday, “Kari Lake would make a perfect Vice President choice for President Trump.”

One America News Network Chief White House Correspondent Chanel Rion says she is “watching Kari Lake” and predicting that President Trump may choose her. Rion pressed President Trump in an interview last year on the prospect of Kari Lake as his running mate.

Some in the media even think that Kari Lake could run for President against President Trump.

Kari shared photos and videos of her crowds at the events on Twitter.

OMGosh!! This crowd in Iowa is twice as big as we were expecting. Team is moving furniture to make sure we can fit everyone inside. Don’t go anywhere, folks. We are making room!

— Kari Lake (@KariLake) February 10, 2023

Iowa is FIRED UP!!

— Kari Lake (@KariLake) February 12, 2023

Folks, it happened again

The room is COMPLETELY full here at our 2nd Iowa Rally & there’s STILL a line out the door trying to get in. Don’t go anywhere! We are making room!

This proves 2 things:
Our Movement is MASSIVE.
My team needs to book bigger venues!

See you soon!

— Kari Lake (@KariLake) February 11, 2023

Iowa reporter Douglas Burns tweeted that Kari’s Iowa rallies had “Donald Trump crowd energy.”

At the @KariLake event in Ankeny. I’ve covered Iowa politics for a long time. She has @realDonaldTrump crowd energy. Has all feel of presidential campaign rally. Is she the Republican @BetoORourke — loses statewide race, connects with base, runs in Iowa? Think so. She grew up…

— Douglas W. Burns (@douglaswburns) February 11, 2023


“You’re in Iowa… are you planning to run for President?”

My answer:

— Kari Lake (@KariLake) February 11, 2023

Watch Kari Lake, a trained professional in news media, destroy the fake news hacks for “the disservice that the media has done to President Trump” over the years and their failure to cover the stolen 2020 election fairly.

Trump and Lake would be the perfect team to save America!

Reporter: You’re in Iowa. Are you planning to run for President?

Lake: Am I planning to run for President? No, I’m not. I am a big supporter of President Trump, and I want to make sure that he wins; this country needs him. And sadly, because of the disservice that the media has done to President Trump. People have believed some of the nonsense that you guys have been pushing on him and it’s really unfortunate. I’m hoping that people, now knowing enough about the fake news and how many lies you guys have talked about and told, that they’ll realize that a lot of the stuff they heard about President Trump was lies. So I want to make sure that he wins. I think that on day one, he can get in there and restore confidence in Americans.

He can also represent us on a world stage. We’re not being represented right now on a world stage. We need him on day one to get in there and start turning this mess around that Joe Biden has gotten us into. And the only reason Joe Biden has been able to get us into this mess is because of corrupt, stolen elections that you guys don’t want to cover. But the American people know what happened, and hopefully, you guys will catch up.

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