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Yeah, one tiny sip of water proves it’s safe. That’s called “sCiEnCe” these days, apparently. What a bunch of idiots our politicians are. The lengths these bozos will go to to protect the government (and also big pharma while we’re at it) is getting ridiculous. They’ll get 17 booster shots and sip radio-active water just to prove everything’s hunky dory – when we all know it’s not. And that’s not “tinfoil hat” stuff, either. It’s just reality. At this point, if you ask me, the only people wearing tinfoil hats are the ones who still trust these liars and thieves. Anyway, idiotic politicians in Ohio decided to go on camera and take tiny sips of the water, to prove to the resident that it’s safe.

First off, nobody trusts politicians to begin with, so this stunt will actually do the opposite of its intended purpose and make people more leery. Secondly, they all look really apprehensive about this tiny sip, and did the guy in the yellow shirt (from the EPA) actually take a sip? I call “fake news” on him.

Business Insider reported that officials in Ohio were videoed sipping tap water near the site of a toxic train derailment in a bid to convince residents that the local water is safe to drink.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, Rep. Bill Johnson of Ohio, and Michael Regan, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, on Tuesday gathered around the sink of a house in the town of East Palestine to sample the water.

“I’ll tell you, we believe in science, so we don’t feel like we’re being your guinea pig,” Regan told Carolyn Brown, whose house they were in. Brown’s house is connected to the municipal water supply, per ABC News.

“But we don’t mind proving to you that we believe the water is safe,” Regan continued.


DRINKING EAST PALESTINE WATER: with EPA Administrator Michael Regan & Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (2/21)

— Howard Mortman (@HowardMortman) February 22, 2023

Here’s what people online are saying about this asinine stunt:

“Right, a set up with Highly filtered water is NOT drinking the water.”

“They need to drink it, bathe in it, brush their teeth with it, and cook with it for 90days. They also need to live there with their family and breathe the air.”

“Kabuki theatre. we see right through these charlatans”

“This is such a farce! So egregious!”

“Good god I hate these people.” 

“Big difference in taking a drink or two and living with it daily.”

“Serious question, do they really think we’re this dumb and we’ll see this and feel safe? Seriously? 

To answer that person’s questions: Yes. They do think you’re that stupid.

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