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Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of giving your hard-earned tax dollars to Joe Biden so he and his buddies can launder it in Ukraine? I know I am tired of it. We’ve got vets sleeping on the streets, wide-open borders, crime soaring, and we’re in horrific debt, but we’re sending BILLIONS of dollars to some corrupt ding-a-ling half a world away. It makes no sense, people are getting fed up.

USA Today reported that Americans are growing really tired of shoveling endless supplies of money to Ukraine:

Americans appear to be growing tired of providing Ukraine with weapons and economic assistance.

Forty-eight percent of Americans surveyed said they favor the U.S. providing weapons to Ukraine, while 29% were opposed and 22% said they’re neither in favor nor opposed, according to a poll released last week by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. In May 2022, less than three months into the war, 60% of U.S. adults said they were in favor of sending Ukraine weapons.

In December, Zelenskyy traveled to Washington for a White House meeting with Biden and later addressed Congress, thanking the United States for its contributions but stressing more was needed. Zelenskyy also met with European leaders earlier this month to thank them for their support and ask for further commitments.

Biden acts more like the (fake) “president” of Ukraine, than he does of America.

And you can’t take this clown Zelensky seriously. Before he was politician, he was a “comedian.” And, while I know outsiders can make great leaders, they usually either have some business experience or get into politics and get their experience. They don’t just go from “comedian” to “leader” overnight.

Sounds to me like Zelensky, much like Biden was a puppet who was chosen to be the leader because he could be controlled.

How else can you explain this behavior?

Conservative Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. shared this god awful, very unfunny video of Zelensky “naked” playing a guitar, with the caption, “$500 Billion To the Little Guy With The Guitar…”

What a joke.

You can watch the video below:

500 Billion to the little guy with the guitar

— Antonio Sabato Jr (@AntonioSabatoJr) February 26, 2023

I’ll tell you what, the GOP better do everything in their power to stop Biden from sending money and weapons to this half-naked clown.

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