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I saw this video online and I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears. Mostly my ears. This literally looks like some abusive scene out of Hollywood war movie, where the bootcamp drill sergeant is the ‘bad guy.” But that’s not what this is… Actually, this is Americans just trying to get to their gate and board a plane, and this is is how the despicable TSA treats people.

But before I show this you clip, please keep in mind, that TSA workers literally suck at doing their job and have for years.

 In recent undercover tests of multiple airport security checkpoints by the Department of Homeland Security, inspectors said screeners, their equipment or their procedures failed more than half the time, according to a source familiar with the classified report.

When ABC News asked the source if the failure rate was 80 percent, the response was, “You are in the ballpark.”

In a public hearing after a private classified briefing to the House Committee on Homeland Security, members of Congress called the failures by the Transportation Security Administration disturbing.

And besides being inept, they’re also rude and nasty. Here’s some facts about TSA agents:

“TSA Needs To Improve Efforts to Retain, Hire, and Train Its Transportation Security Offers”
Here were some of the findings:

New hires are frequently only part-time employees (of the 9,600 officers TSA hired in fiscal 2017, more than two-thirds were employed part-time. TSA hires more part-timers on purpose, to help with schedule issues, but part-timers also tend to quit their jobs at TSA at a rate two to three times higher than full-time workers).
The TSA doesn’t screen candidates well, and has no procedures to rank candidates or to properly document notes on prospective employees.
The Auditors observed that the TSA has no standardized approach to train new hires, and doesn’t explain its expectations of employees when they start working (specifically mentioned was, “According to TSA officials at 2 of the 12 airports visited, lack of clearly understanding job expectations, such as pat-down procedures and shift schedules, has led to early attrition of new-hires.“)

Starting salary for a (full-time) TSA worker is about $39,000. TSA employees said that in some markets, they could earn more money than that at a retail store or sandwich shop.

The TSA has a history of not offering career growth opportunities and salary increases (this apparently has improved slightly since a new program, TSA Career Progression, was put into place in August 2018).

Apparently, the TSA’s new hires’ turnover rate is about 25%; 1 in 4 quit their position within 6 months of their hire date.
TSA doesn’t utilize the information gained from employee exit surveys (“We reviewed a summary of TSA’s exit survey results from 10,128 respondents from FYs 2012–17. The exit surveys identified common themes, most of which were corroborated by TSA airport officials during our interviews. These included dissatisfaction with career advancement opportunities and issues with management’s competence and communication.” The table on page 8 of the audit explains the most common responses from both part-time and full-time former employees)

The TSA also doesn’t have a process to quickly and efficiently fill vacant positions, relying instead on mandatory overtime. Mandatory OT = lower job satisfaction = higher turnover.

If you ask me the people out there now are getting paid TOO MUCH for what they do. Let the private sector tae over and watch how this improves.

Now, take a look at this clip and ask yourself, should you be treated like this when all you’re trying to do is get from point A to point B?

You can watch the video below:

I’m old enough to remember when going to an airport was not reminiscent of bootcamp.

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) January 20, 2023

And trust me, if you were to confront this abusive lunatic and tell him he’s being unprofessional and rude, you’d likely be denied boarding.

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