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I am not sure when this video is from, but it looks like it’s 2017 – but it doesn’t really matter, it’s a fantastic example how the world doesn’t stop for these precious little poops who think their 💩 don’t stink, and their causes are so amazing that we should all stop whatever it is we’re doing and revel in their greatness and righteousness. Give me a break. Nobody cares what these idiots are protesting, and a group of vegans found out the hard way that the real world doesn’t work like Twitter and TikTok when they tried to stop a semi truck hauling livestock from entering a processing plant. And lucky for them a lesson is all they got, because their irresponsible behavior could have gotten them killed.


Vegan Activist try’s to stop a Semi-Truck‼️😳

— Jibril Tarik Blackstone (@JTBlackstone) February 4, 2023

The most insane part was when the guy (who stood in front of a semi truck) called the truck driver, a “f**ing lunatic.” That’s pretty rich, don’t you think?

Here’s what people online are saying:

“I liked near the end where the guy goes “fu**ing lunatic!” and you can see the gears turning in his head as he tries to justify why the guy who jumped in front of a semi gets to call the driver a lunatic.”

“Stands himself in front of a moving truck” Proceeds to ask what the f**k is wrong with the driver. That’s stupidity for you”

“Calls the truck driver a lunatic, after standing in front of a moving 80,000lb vehicle.”

“They even called him a psychopath. Pretty sure he’s just a man trying to do his job and go home”

“Yeah what the hell did these people think would happen if they stopped him? Were they going to carry each cow or pig or whatever to some pasture somewhere???”

“if they managed to release those animals.. the chaos that would ensue would be an amazing site to see. But I would feel sorry for all those animals getting hitting by cars, and all those people who would be injured when they get into an accident because there were animals running free all over the road.”

“This was not a well thought out plan at all LOL” 

Back to the drawing board, Soy Boys…

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