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It’s hard to really know what’s going on with the toxic chemical explosion in Ohio, because we’re only getting the “mainstream media” version. And as we all know from poll after poll, Americans on BOTH sides of the aisle do not trust our propaganda media. We also know that independent reporters are being arrested. So, what the heck is going on there? What we do know is that this could go down as one of the worst environmental disasters this country has ever faced, and the media and liberals are very “meh” about the entire thing.

Climate activists lose their minds over you cooking scrambled eggs on a gas stove, but toxic chemicals seeping into the ground, water, and air is no big deal. Because if they complain and call it out, Mayor Pete, the worst “transportation secretary” of all time, and Joe Biden will look “bad.” So, they keep quiet. Because it’s never really been about the planet…it’s always been about politics.

I saw this report by JD Rucker, and I thought it was very interesting. He says the likely reason for the train derailment was accidental, but given the “coverup vibes” and strange behavior surrounding this catastrophe, it’s worth asking, “Was it sabotage?”

Well, JD explored some very interesting stuff that is, at the very least compelling…

From Discern Report: 

The most likely scenario regarding the train that derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, is that something unfortunate happened accidentally. But considering what has taken place since then combined with the evil machinations we’ve been seeing across the country, it makes sense that some have explored the possibility that the train was sabotaged, derailed on purpose, and that the ecological disasters that have ensued was all intentional.

As a so-called “conspiracy theorist,” I’ve been exploring the possibility. I was ready to dismiss it as too unlikely yesterday for one major reason: The derailment happened in the wrong place. If the globalist elite cabal or any other powerful anti-American organizations wanted to have maximum effect, why would they wait until it was half-way between Akron, Ohio, and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania? Thirty or forty miles in either direction would have had a bigger impact, and if we know anything about the schemes of the bad guys it’s that they invariably go as big as possible.

But just as I was ready to mark it down as too far-fetched to explore, a video emerged showing the train was on fire at least 20 miles from the point of derailment. Was the train supposed to derail closer to Akron, closer to Cincinnati, where it could have had a greater impact on the Great Lakes and therefore the water supply for much of central and eastern United States? Did we dodge a bullet because the derailment happened many miles after they had planned for it to happen?

According to an article from The Epoch Times:

Security camera footage has emerged showing that the Ohio train that derailed in East Palestine may have been on fire for 20 miles before it finally went off the tracks and burst into flames.

The footage, which was first obtained by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, was taken by a security camera at an equipment plant in Salem, Ohio. East Palestine is around 20 miles away from Salem.

As the train passes the plant, what looks like flames and sparks can be seen in the video underneath the train cars.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is investigating the derailment, appeared to reference the video—and others—at a news conference in the days immediately after the incident took place on Feb. 3.

“We’re also looking at a lot of different footage that has been provided to the investigators out there to determine if there’s some data on footage that we have from videos and cameras that might tell us something more that what might have happened to cause this accident,” Michael Graham, a member of the NTSB, said in a Feb. 4 briefing.



The thing about situations like this is we’ll likely never know what really happened. Sadly, that’s just the state of our so-called “transparent” government and complacent media that does next-to-no digging on anything that would damage the left’s agenda.

They just toe the regime line, and spew out government-approved propaganda.

North Korea must be impressed…

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