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I know it’s hard to believe, but there were still a pretty decent amount of people in the US who supported Meghan and Harry. The Brits have had enough, they can’t stand them, but a bunch of wanker Americans still held the narcissistic duo in semi-high regard… however, these two are such a complete and total mess that now, the few Americans who supported them have pretty much thrown in the towel.

From the absurd Netflix documentary that the network had to “fake trend” in order to make it seem popular to the whiney “tell-all” book Harry wrote to the constant attacks on the Royals and finally the last nail in their coffin – the South Park takedown – even Americans have had enough.

And according to experts, the couple knows they’re in trouble and that their reputation is in shambles, and it’s taking a real toll on their marriage.

These two won’t make it.

Geo TV reported that once “darling” royals have started losing some support in the US, said a British royal expert while commenting of Harry and Meghan’s absence  from Oprah Winfrey’s birthday party.

Daily Express correspondent Richard Palmer said that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have worn out their welcome in the US.

He said when they first arrived in the US in March 2020 they were instantly popular among members of the “Hollywood elite”.

Speaking on Daily Express Royal Roundup, Palmer said, “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were very much the darlings of the Hollywood elite when they first went over there.”

He said, “A lot of people on the liberal left, particularly in performing arts, bought into their account of being bullied, being victims of racism.”

Palmer said while Meghan and Harry still have some support, their “victim narrative” has put some people off.


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Harry and Meghan may know in theory that people think they suck, but they’re still completely clueless.

Especially Meghan, who actually thinks she can be “president” someday.

What an utterly buffoonish clown she is.

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