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Joe Biden made a trip to Poland and a surprise trip to Ukraine, one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and Joe’s favorite place to send money. While he was on his trip, Joe did the usual embarrassing stuff, like mixing up his words, create new words, looking confused and shuffling around like he’s trying to get to the BINGO game at his nursing home. At one point, the “Dementia Shuffle” was really bad and Joe had a hard time walking in a straight line. We’ve said it before, but that’s a really common issue for people with dementia.

Take a look at this clip, where Joe is in Poland, and he’s supposed to be casually walking the red carpet, and observing and acknowledging the military.

He can’t do either…

Joe is so focused on his “shuffle” and trying to walk a straight line, he can’t do anything else. And once again, other world leaders have to step in, appearing more like concerned “grandkids” than anything else, to gently “guide” ol’ Joe where he needs to go.



‘Dementia Shuffle’ on full display from Biden.

He’s following cues from 2 people and still can’t walk in a straight line on a red carpet clearly visible with geometric precision.

Spatial orientation issues are common in Alzheimer’s patients.


— Lido Key Dude (@LidoDude) February 22, 2023

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Media provides constant cover. The man is brilliant & won a national election hiding in his basement, while his competitor filled several football stadiums on a daily basis. This whole thing is a joke.” 

“Jill is an evil, elder abuser.” 

“Joe’s Alzheimer’s is the worst kept secret in the world” 

“Look how other leaders treat him, like he’s a senile old granddad” 

“Good lord he’s an embarrassment! My mom had dementia and Biden has so many of the symptoms and behaviors she had. Ttuly sad that he’s forced onto the public stage with these issues. Sad, abusive, evil.”

“The weirdo isn’t even looking at the soldiers he’s ostensibly meant to be observing.”

“More world leaders trying to shepard the old man to where he is supposed to be.”

“It was probably his stutter that caused it.”

” so embarrassing to see our nursing home patient/dementia leader embarrassing us in front of whole world. World War III hold on tight here we come, blood can be smelled in water. I’m sure all our enemies are circling us as our idiot gets paraded around & weakness is evident”

Everyone knows Joe Biden is sick, but as with everything nowadays, we’re supposed to ignore it, and pretend it’s not actually happening.

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