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People on the left are now attacking the hit movie ‘The Sound of Freedom’ for allegedly encouraging QAnon conspiracy theories.

As The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Sound of Freedom’ has outperformed Disney’s $300 million-budget film “Indiana Jones” at the box office. Yet, the far-left mainstream media, rather than addressing the film’s central issue of child sex trafficking, is painting the movie and its supporters with a broad stroke of QAnon conspiracy.

In a recent CNN interview, Mike Rothschild joined Abby Phillip to criticize the film. According to Rothschild, the movie is playing into the hands of QAnon believers by blending real-world horrors like child trafficking with conspiracy-driven narratives. He suggests that the film feeds into a sense of “moral panic” and uses “bogus statistics” to stir fear among the audience.

Why is it that it is almost exclusively people on the right that are promoting this movie and people on the left that are attacking it? Why is CNN pretending that we all forgot about the very real sex trafficking scandal of Jeffrey Epstein?

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