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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has arrested a suspect in the murder of Catholic Bishop David O’Connell.

David O’Connell, 69, was fatally shot at his Hacienda Heights home over the weekend.

According to NBC News, the suspect was identified right away.

The Daily Mail reported that the suspect arrested is the husband of the Bishop’s employee.

The suspect, Carlos Medina, was described by the Bishop’s neighbor as a ‘odd man’ in his 50s.

Via the Daily Mail:

A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of a Catholic bishop who was found shot to death inside his Los Angeles home over the weekend.

The suspect’s name has not yet been released, but neighbors have identified the suspect as Carlos Medina, whose wife worked with the bishop.

A news conference on the arrest is expected at 3pm local time.

Los Angeles Daily News reporter Clare Harter said the suspect had barricaded himself in his home, with a neighbor reporting that sheriff’s deputies first arrived at midnight but the suspect did not emerge until 9am.

One neighbor Luis Lopez said the suspect’s name is Carlos Medina, and his wife had worked for the Bishop O’Connell, and another told Harter that the suspect was an ‘odd man’ in his 50s who was up at all hours of the night to dig in his yard.

‘I’m just shocked and overwhelmed,’ Marty Hernandez told the reporter. ‘You wouldn’t know that you have somebody that lives next to your house that would do such a thing.’

His wife’s whereabouts are unknown.

Law enforcement will hold a press conference on the arrest at 3 pm PST.

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