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Two members of Israel’s 120-member Knesset (Israel’s Congress) have introduced a bill that would completely ban sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The new bill was introduced by two ultra-orthodox members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition.

Bill S757-1996 would place any believer in prison for one year if they are found telling others about Jesus.

News Max’s Jerusalem correspondent Daniel Cohen got the complete scoop.


On Monday’s “Wake Up America,” lawmakers introduced a new bill in Israel that would punish believers for sharing the gospel of Jesus with prison time. Jerusalem Correspondent Daniel Cohen gave the details.

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— NEWSMAX (@NEWSMAX) March 20, 2023

The new bill would also ban any distribution of tracts or any other literature that attempts to convert citizens of Israel to Christianity.

Per Baptist Press:

Christian witnessing could become a crime punishable by a year in jail if a bill now being considered by the Israeli government becomes law.

The bill, S757-1996, would alter Israel’s penal code to prohibit “inducement for religious conversion” and sets a one-year jail term for “whoever possesses contrary to the law or prints or imports tracts or publishes things in which there is an inducement for religious conversion.”

Further, the law would authorize the government to confiscate “any tract or advertisement in which there is inducement to religious conversion.” An explanation accompanying the law states “The state of Israel, in the framework of the existing laws, is opposed to any missionary seduction to convert religion, and is even more severe regarding the seduction of minors to convert religion.”

Two influential members of Israel’s Knesset have introduced a bill to outlaw teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Israel and sentence violators to prison.

— Chris Menahan (@infolibnews) March 20, 2023

According to the  US Department of State it is already illegal to proselytize (convert) minors in the nation of Israel to any religion.

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