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The Georgia grand jury overseeing the Trump case has descended into a public circus. We figured it was a sideshow behind the scenes, but now we know for a fact thanks to the grand jury foreperson, who is a straight-up loon. According to this zany lady, the entire grand jury had an ice cream party at the DA’s office. Gee, that sounds a bit unprofessional and odd, doesn’t it?

Vice reported that grand jury members don’t typically do media tours, and for good reason: They risk blowing up the criminal cases they’ve been working on.

That’s why a rogue juror in Georgia, who launched a bizarre media blitz this week right after wrapping up an investigation of former President Donald Trump’s activities in the 2020 election, has caused such an uproar.

Emily Kohrs served as foreperson of a Trump-focused special purpose grand jury before emerging from seven months of near-total secrecy to tell multiple media outlets, including CNN and NBC, in a breathless, can-you-believe-it, laughy-jokey tone, that her panel had recommended criminal charges against over a dozen people, including famous names and “potentially” Trump.

She shared a lot more information that grand jurors normally keep secret, too, including her personal impressions of multiple witnesses. She said Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was a “geeky kind of funny.” She was so star-struck by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani that she shook his hand. She swore a state official under oath while holding a Ninja Turtle popsicle she’d just picked up at an ice cream party thrown by the District Attorney’s office.  

She said some witnesses were forthcoming, like White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson; and others clammed up, like Hutchinson’s onetime-boss, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Being on the grand jury, she said, was “really cool.”

Trump’s lawyers pounced, arguing Kohrs “poisoned” the entire probe by going public.

“Our suspicions of a circus were proven to be true: We heard about ice cream parties; we heard about swearing people under oath holding Ninja Turtle popsicles,” Trump attorney Drew Findling told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The public should know that whether you call this a special purpose grand jury or not, this is not the way that a grand jury is supposed to operate.”

This woman is nuts, but I hope she keeps on talking…

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