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In a move that feels positively Kennedy-esque, former President Donald Trump announced a proposal Friday to build 10 new futuristic “Freedom Cities” in the United States on federal lands, as a part of his “Quantum Leap” plan.

The plan to “revolutionize the American standard of living” also calls for the U.S. to take the lead in the development of flying cars, which of course calls to mind the 1960s animated television series “The Jetsons,” or more recently, 1989’s “Back to the Future Part II.”

And Trump also wants to incentivize young couples to have more children through “baby bonuses” payments.

“Past generations of Americans pursued big dreams and daring projects that once seemed absolutely impossible. They pushed across an unsettled continent and built new cities in the wild frontier,” the 45th president said in a video released Friday.

“They transformed American life with the interstate highway system—magnificent it was. And they launched a vast network of satellites into orbit all around the earth,” he continued.

“But today, our country has lost its boldness. Under my leadership, we will get it back in a very big way,” said the 2024 GOP candidate for president.

#BREAKING: In a video released to social media, former President Trump pitches a plan to build ten new cities in the United States called “freedom cities,” “baby bonuses” to incentive more childbirths, a beautification campaign, and more in a quality of life improvement effort.

— Forbes (@Forbes) March 3, 2023

Trump wants to see a “quantum leap” in the American standard of living and one way is by building new Freedom Cities on federal land, but not national parks, of course.

“Almost one third of the land-mass of the United States is owned by the federal government,” he said.

“With just a very, very small portion of that land— just a fraction [of] one half of one percent—would you believe that? We should hold a contest to charter up to 10 new cities and award them to the best proposals for development,” Trump said.

“In other words, we’ll actually build new cities in our country again. These Freedom Cities will reopen the frontier, reignite American imagination, and give hundreds of thousands of young people and other people, all hardworking families, a new shot at home ownership and in fact, the American Dream.”

Trump then discussed the race to develop, vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles, i.e., flying cars.

“Just as the United States led the automotive revolution in the last century, I want to ensure that America, not China, leads this revolution in air mobility,” he said.

He contended that wide use of these vehicles will help build new connections between urban and rural living.

Trump further stated that he will call on Congress to support “baby bonuses” for young parents.

Historically, laying out bold and innovative plans is what the best presidents have always done. John Kennedy famously set the goal in the early 1960s of America putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade, and we did in July 1969.

Early in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan envisioned an end to the Cold War with western-style freedom prevailing, and the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989.

Trump is expected to further explain his proposals at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., Saturday afternoon.

In a Thursday post on Truth Social, Trump wrote, “I will be at CPAC on Saturday, talking about the fact that, obviously, our Country is going to ‘HELL,’ and how to fix it.”

Americans are ready to look to the future, and Trump is starting to cast his vision.

It feels like very good timing as the presidential race starts to shape up.

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