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President Trump WENT OFF on Special Counsel Jack Smith this weekend.

Jack Smith is nearing the end of his investigation into whether Trump committed crimes, according to a leak to The Wall Street Journal.

According to numerous leaks to CNN, WaPo and New York Times, Jack Smith is preparing to charge Trump with ‘obstruction of justice’ – even though he never committed a crime.

The feds seized classified documents stored at Mar-a-Lago and thoroughly searched the property after the Justice Department issued Trump a subpoena in May to return so-called classified records.

Biden’s Justice Department has nothing on Trump so they are going to try to get him on ‘obstruction’ charges.

Jack Smith is also investigating Trump’s efforts to challenge the 2020 election.

Last month it was reported Jack Smith was investigating Trump’s effort to raise money off of ‘false claims of election fraud.’

Trump called Jack Smith “a Trump hating SLIMEBALL…”

“The Special “Prosecutor” is harassing and threatening my people over the Document’s Hoax, while NOTHING is being done with respect to Crooked Joe Biden’s MANY TIMES MORE Documents, especially those stored in CHINATOWN & Delaware. Another RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, style Witch Hunt. Under the Presidential Records Act, I have done everything right, except that I probably should not have returned documents until it was ALL settled. I had every right to have them, with the right, also, to Declassify…” Trump said.

“ALSO, just as in the Mueller Scam case, you can’t have Obstruction of Justice if there is NO CRIME or, even more so, if they MAKE UP A CRIME!” Trump said.

Trump said Merrick Garland and Joe Biden illegally unleashed the prosecutors on him because he’s leading in the polls.

According to a new ABC/WaPo poll, Trump is crushing Joe Biden.

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