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Former President Donald Trump threw some digs at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a late-night post to Truth Social over the weekend.

While DeSantis has not formally announced a 2024 presidential campaign, he is currently the only potential contender who has numbers even somewhat close to Trump.

There has been speculation, including from the New York Times, that Trump might switch his nickname for the governor from “Ron DeSanctimonious” to “Meatball Ron,” but Trump said that just isn’t true.

“I will never call Ron DeSanctimonious ‘Meatball’ Ron, as the Fake News is insisting I will,” Trump wrote in the post. “Even though FoxNews killing lightweight Paul Ryan is revered by him, Low Energy Jeb Bush is his hero and always at his side, his beaches and State were closed for long periods of time, his testing, testing, testing for the China Virus didn’t work out too well, and his loyalty skills are really weak, it would be totally inappropriate to use the word ‘meatball’ as a moniker for Ron!”

In another post, Trump said that it is obvious that DeSantis will try to challenge him in the Republican primary.

“All of the Fake News is reporting that I spend large amounts of my time coming up with a good ‘nickname’ for Ron DeSanctimonious, who is obviously going to give the presidential ‘thing’ a shot,” Trump wrote.

Trump also pointed to the fact that he dominating the polls when it comes to hypothetical primary matchups.

“Just took a very big lead in the Polls. People want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and fast. Right now, we are a Nation in Decline! Donald J. Trump – 50%, Ron DeSanctimonious – 24%, Mike Pence – 9%, Nikki Haley – 7%, Ted Cruz – 4%. Head to head: Donald J. Trump – 61%. Thank you!” Trump posted.

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