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A relatively small group of militant left pro-transgender activists met for a protest today at the Michigan Capitol in Lansing, the same week as another pro-transgender activist slaughtered innocents in Nashville, Tennessee. 

This protest comes just three short days after Audrey Hale entered the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee and brutally gunned down three 9 year olds, and three adults at the Christian school.

It also comes as the “Trans Day of Vengeance” was cancelled in Washington DC in response to the Nashville shooting. Organizers blamed “safety concerns” for the cancellation. Cong. Marjorie Taylor Greene had her Twitter account censored for merely pointing out this transgender event organized under a violent title, allegedly being organized in part by the Antifa domestic terrorism network.

Nashville Shooter Hale had a manifesto that police refuse so far to release.

The Michigan pro-transgender protesters held signs that advocated for “direct action” and endorsed a left-wing philosophy and mantra known as “by any means necessary” in order to push “gender affirming care” which is another way of saying the mutilation of children to change their biological gender from one to another.

Michigan State Representative Jim DeSana pushed back on the protestors, telling the Gateway Pundit: “There are only two genders: man and woman. A man can’t become a woman and a woman can’t become a man. Eternal truths are always worth defending for the good of liberty.”

On the left, “direct action” is defined as “a political action aimed at achieving a specific goal…”

“By any means necessary” is a left-wing political phrase generally understood as to leave all tactical options open to achieve political results and desired ends, including violence.

The pro-trans Michigan protesters carried a banner that advocated ‘action’ and referenced a left-wing group named after the phrase ‘By Any Means Necessary.’

The protest organizers were dressed in Antifa-suggestive clothing and apparel. The federal police force believes otherwise, however, taking the line that Antifa is just a ‘position’ and not a group of people organized for similar purposes. Antifa members have been treated extremely leniently by federal authorities, which has led many to suspect active cooperation and coordination between the domestic terrorists and the nation’s top law enforcement agency.

Michigan was the site of some other recent direct action by a motivated left-wing violent ideologue when Anthony McRae went and killed three students at Michigan State. McRae’s note explaining his actions, whose contents were suppressed for over a month by local police, stated that he killed three because of ‘racism.’ 

Michigan Republican Representative Neil Friske had this to say about the protest, “Christians were just mass murdered on account of their faith in Tennessee by a woman promoting the same ideology of this group. It’s disgusting that just days later, violent left-wing extremists are rallying for child genital mutilation on the Capital steps. What does By Any Means Necessary mean? Is that a threat of another attack? I as a Christian will not be intimidated by violent militants who disregard God’s natural law.”

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