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The White House Press briefing room on Friday looked more like a panel of incompetent women on “The View” than a team of problem solvers.

Inflation skyrocketed shortly after Joe Biden was sworn into office because of his tax-and-spend policies.

Inflation is still a huge problem.

Inflation is so out of control that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell this week said interest rates will ‘likely to be higher’ than previously anticipated.

“Inflation has been outpacing wages for about a year and a half. When can Americans expect…relief?” a reporter asked the three clowns in the press briefing room.

Biden’s top econ advisor completely choked and couldn’t answer the question.

“So, um, we did see that on an annual basis, we saw some wages, the nominal wages went up lower than we expect,” Biden’s top econ advisor Cecilia Rouse said.


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