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A Women’s Revolution is taking place on the Emerald Isle

The formerly idyllic, Catholic island of Ireland is being swamped by illegal immigrants let in by globalist elites conspiring to destroy the country. Tommy Robinson is in Ireland to expose the tragedy in his new documentary “Plantation 2 – Rise of the Celts” and will be live today on Telegram at  approx. 3 pm EST (12 pm PST).

Plantation 2 – Rise Of The Celts Promo

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— Urban Scoop (@ScoopUrban) February 24, 2023

The team at Urban Scoop led by Tommy went to southern Ireland to talk to the women of Ireland, who are “leading the charge” and talking about the migrant crisis that has led to an epidemic of rape and abuse. The “refugees” swamping Ireland are fom Ukraine, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia and Nigeria.

Another Irish lady confirming yet another sexual assault in Ireland – by a migrant welcomed into her country by her politicians.

— Urban Scoop (@ScoopUrban) February 21, 2023

60% of the illegals coming though Dublin airport have no documentation. “They’re unvetted and undocumented, and have basically been released into the middle of Ireland, where people have had a culture shock, saying what’s going on here?”

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