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The Democrat talking points on John Fetterman’s hospitalization for depression have clearly gone out.

The spin that’s being put on the situation is that Fetterman is ‘brave’ for admitting his problem and seeking help by checking himself into a hospital for it.

Does anyone believe Democrats and the media would be saying this if Fetterman was a Republican? No. They would be demanding that he resign for being unable to do the job.

From FOX News:

Biden praises Fetterman’s ‘brave and important’ example of getting medical care; hospital stay may last weeks

President Biden issued support Friday for Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., after he checked himself into a Washington, D.C., hospital to be treated for clinical depression this week.

“John, Gisele – Jill and I are thinking about your family today,” Biden wrote in a tweet. “Millions of people struggle with depression every day, often in private. Getting the care you need is brave and important.”

“We’re grateful to you for leading by example,’ the president added.

Reports later on Friday indicate that Fetterman may be in the hospital for several weeks as he receives treatment.

Biden used the word ‘brave’ in his tweet.

John, Gisele – Jill and I are thinking about your family today.

Millions of people struggle with depression every day, often in private.

Getting the care you need is brave and important. We’re grateful to you for leading by example.

— President Biden (@POTUS) February 17, 2023

KJP said it was brave.

KJP: “Senator Fetterman did the right thing, and brave thing…by getting the help that he definitely needs.”

— (@townhallcom) February 17, 2023

The word ‘brave’ shows up everywhere.

“It is true: Telling your story is brave. Asking for help is brave,” writes @lauraftrujillo.

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) February 17, 2023

I think we can all agree, regardless of political affiliation, this this is a brave move in breaking the stigma.

So many can breathe a bit easier knowing they’re not alone.

Prayers for the Fetterman family.

— Kristina Baum (@kristinabaum) February 17, 2023

It’s brave to ask for help. I wish it didn’t have to be. Until then, we will share our stories.

— laura trujillo (@lauraftrujillo) February 17, 2023

Very brave decision by Fetterman. One that will save lives. And a historic one in the ongoing quest to reduce the stigma of mental health. Mental health is key to total health. A message we’ve been working to communicate especially to the military and vets community for decades.

— Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) February 16, 2023

What Fetterman is doing is brave and actually makes him a better representative of his constituents. We should have elected officials with diverse, lived experience that reflects the issues and support networks they ostensibly should be fighting for.

— itsonlyzach (@itsonlyzach) February 16, 2023

BREAKING: Sen. John Fetterman checks himself into Walter Reed Medical Center to receive treatment for clinical depression which he has experienced throughout his life but which has “become severe in recent weeks.” RT IF YOU THINK IT’S BRAVE FOR FETTERMAN TO DISCUSS MENTAL HEALTH!

— Occupy Democrats (@OccupyDemocrats) February 16, 2023

We need to regard mental illness the same way we do physical illness.

If Fetterman broke his leg and had to be hospitalized, no one would say a word.

Please let’s not speculate about his fitness to serve because he is doing the brave thing of seeking help for depression.

— Chris Cillizza (@ChrisCillizza) February 16, 2023

THIS IS A VERY BRAVE MAN Sen. John Fetterman released from the hospital after feeling lightheaded BATTLE ON SENATOR WE BELIEVE IN YOU #USA #SENATE #Democracy

— The Tribune (@TheTribune2020) February 11, 2023

Isn’t it a little odd that all of these people are using the exact same word to spin this situation?

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