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On February 14th The Gateway Pundit reported a revival broke out at Asbury University in Kentucky.

Since that report, several revival services have broken out at universities all across the United States.

The latest revival services that have led young adults to repent and worship Jesus is at Texas A&M University in Galveston, Texas.

Grant Bynum who has been attending the revival services at Aggies Park took to Facebook and stated “This is REAL. Worship, repentance, prayers, no leaders. Physical healing. Baptism. Crowds bigger than last night. It’s not religion. It’s just meeting JESUS.”

CBN reported Michael Fehlauer, who serves as the lead pastor of the New Life Church, has led and filmed several young adults getting baptized in public fountains.


Here’s a clip of young adults gathering together on Texas A&M’s campus singing worship songs:

I’m seeing several posts about a Revival happening on the campus of Texas A&M University. Does anyone have more information to share? Is it still happening?

Send info to We’d love to share more on this if so.

Thanks to Courtney Burleson for sending this

— Rusty Surette (@KBTXRusty) February 24, 2023

As of Friday hundreds of young adults and other members of the community have gathered to Texas A&M to be refreshed by God’s Spirit.

One student who has attended services received a healing after a group of 20 students prayed for him.

Per CBN:

Healings are also being reported. One report from Texas A&M in College Station revealed that an A&M student who couldn’t previously walk unaided, walked 20 steps after Aggies students prayed over him. One young man shared what he saw in a video posted to Facebook.

#asburyrevival TEXAS A&M Report

A few nights ago, this was the scene.

“Jesus is moving at Texas A&M! It’s real! Met for 6 hours! STUDENT LED, no program! Closest thing I’ve ever seen to ACTS. Testimonies, worship, praying for healing, prayers for boldness to witness…”

— DrMalachi.eth – (Dr. Run) – Marathon Every Day (@malachiobrien) February 22, 2023


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