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Forbes now has a track record for picking and promoting losers. 

Forbes magazine, the once conservative publication that has since turned hard left shows that the leftward mentality affects their picks as well.

Daily Mail pointed out that Forbes has become the kiss of death.  Recently, Silicon Valley Bank was reported by Forbes as one of the best banks in America for the 5th straight year.  The bank was happy to also have been picked by Forbes to the publication’s inaugural Financial All-Stars list.

But this isn’t the only company that Forbes has recently touted as a great and upcoming company.  Crypto exchange FTX was also promoted by Forbes.

In a smashing cover to a “Special Issue” announcing 40 years of the Forbes 400, Forbes showed none other than Sam Bankman-Fried on its cover.

The cover went on to praise SBF as FTX’s co-founder noting that “Only Zuck has been as rich ($23 billion!) this young (29!)”.

Then Forbes went on to share the money quote from SBF – “I got involved with crypto without any idea of what crypto was”.

You think this might have given the lefty reporters at Forbes pause, but it blew right over their heads.

Forbes isn’t what it used to be.  

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