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There’s this absurd rumor going around that DeSantis is “taking the lead from Trump” in the 2024 presidential campaign. Give me a break. No, he is not. That’s a pipe dream, and it’s also fake polls being pushed by people like Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and the Lincoln Project. The establish and NeverTrump have the mentality of “Anybody But Trump,” and they know they can’t win with somebody like Nikki Haley or Tim Scott, who the MAGA base can’t stand because they’re both establishment flunkies. So, the  plan is to use somebody like DeSantis to finally defeat Trump and MAGA, and help the establishment get their foot back in the door. And yes, they will happily bite their tongues off as DeSantis wages war against illegals, and Disney, if that’s what it takes to oust Trump once and for all.

But notice how DeSantis won’t discuss the sham 2020 election or January 6th political prisoners – most of which are Florida residents.

That’s very telling. 

But back to these absurd polls…

One Trump Supporter who knows his way around a poll, decided to delve in and see what was really going on with all those polls that DeSantis 2024 people are pushing.

Well, it turns out they’re not exactly telling the truth. Shocker, right?

The cruddier and less honest the pollster, the more heavily they favor DeSantis. The more reputable the pollster, the more Trump is winning. By A LOT.

Here’s what Twitter user “SoCal Rob” said in is tweet:

Many polls are dropping and many have never heard of them – there is a reason for that – people can be paid to push a narrative. Here is an update on pollsters that have been around awhile. I get why Trump said polls are looking good. Not sure if he is talking about his internals

Here’s a closeup of the image:

And this is what some people had to say:

“Any poll that shows Desantis up is complete BS. Only two peeps have declared and Ron isn’t one of them. Trump is still extremely popular and we are almost 2 full years away. It makes ZERO sense that anyone but Trump would be leading”

“when you see these political groups or think tanks release a poll – look up the backers. I did polling before, its not hard to get your desired narrative. Many Media polls were way off nationally in 20 but atleast all of them have a long history of conducting polls.”

“We just can’t let them steal it again period”

“A lot of garbage push polls coming out. Many of those org are run by Ryan. Bush, Romney, etc. types/and connected” 

“Anybody who believes these absurd polls showing DeSantis ahead, are literally copers and shi*-for-brains.”

Don’t think for one minute that fake polls won’t be used from folks on the right. Trust me, I wasn’t joking when I said they have a “Anybody But Trump” mentality.

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