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Residents of East Palestine, Ohio have been demanding answers as to why the federal government has failed to help clean up the toxic chemicals poisoning their city resulting from a train derailment. Now we know why.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine revealed this morning that the Biden Regime is actively refusing to help East Palestine. FEMA is claiming Ohio is “not eligible for assistance at this time.”

Of course, this is nonsense. The real reason almost certainly lies with the fact the residents of East Palestine voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump back in 2020.

Here is Governor DeWine:

I spoke w/ the White House early this morning to address the need for federal help in East Palestine. As a result of this conversation, I have requested assistance from the U.S. Dept of Health/Human Services, Health & Emergency Response Team, & CDC to provide direct support.

— Governor Mike DeWine (@GovMikeDeWine) February 16, 2023

The DeWine Administration has been in daily contact w/ FEMA to discuss the need for federal support, but FEMA continues to advise that Ohio is not eligible for assistance at this time. I will continue working with FEMA to determine what assistance can be provided.

— Governor Mike DeWine (@GovMikeDeWine) February 16, 2023

The Gateway Pundit, unlike the corporate media, has extensively reported on arguably the worst environmental disaster in American history.

Recall TGP’s Brian Lupo reported that a Norfolk Southern train derailed in the town on February 3rd, affecting some 50 rail cars, 20 of which were thought to be carrying a dangerous chemical known as vinyl chloride. Initially, the derailment led to more than 1,500 Ohioans being evacuated from nearby areas. The chemicals burning made it too difficult for firefighters and first responders to put out the fire.

On Monday, February 6th, Norfolk Southern crews “released” the toxic chemicals into the air from at least five of the derailed tankers citing a risk of exploding. This resulted in a watershed that serves millions of Americans.”>million pounds of toxic chemicals being released into the environment. This resulted in the deaths of thousands of animals.

The main chemical released was vinyl chloride, which is known to cause several kinds of cancers. How many East Palestine residents will die from cancer resulting from this poison over the next decade?

Yet Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has refused do his job. Instead, he is more concerned with how many white people work in construction.

He has also inexplicably blamed Trump for the train derailment.

The Regime has proven via their dereliction of duty they simply do not care if individuals who oppose them die. One could even argue this is all intentional as a means of punishment.

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