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Dr. Peter Navarro was on the War Room on Friday and he laid out how the US is China’s enemy but the US is interacting with China like we are friends. 

Dr. Navarro was on the War Room and he blasted China and Biden –

The thing that sticks in my craw which I have no answer from Biden, is why did they use F-22s, the most sophisticated aircraft in the world, and sidewinder missiles to obliterate these things so that you can’t tell what they are.  Surely, there was a better way to force these things down and capture them using whatever other kinds of technology.  I think that would be more useful.

The idea that he would tell us that certainly these things weren’t shiny object, I don’t trust that as far as I can throw Hunter Biden.  Which is not very far.

Dr. Navarro also has a podcast where he shares his studies in depth on his thoughts about Taking Back Trump’s America.

See Dr. Navarro’s short interview on the War Room below.

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