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FOX News reported on a non-profit that is classifying companies based on their woke policies and actions.  The 1792 Exchange provides a list of 1,000 companies and rates them based on their efforts to support First Amendment freedoms and the American people. 

On its Home page, the 1792 Exchange tells us who it is:

1792 Exchange is a resource and alliance of likeminded organizations and leaders that guarantees all viewpoints have a seat at the cultural table. We bring together natural allies of First Amendment freedoms into a united movement. Working together, our convening power exposes coercion and executes a response to ensure private actors cannot force seismic cultural changes while silencing free expression.

FOX News reports:

Although many conservatives have heard stories about corporate discrimination in recent years, they have often struggled to keep track of which businesses have been part of this movement, and which have largely stayed on the sidelines. A new project launched by the 1792 Exchange, a nonprofit organization, seeks to shed light on this important problem.

The 1792 Exchange recently launched its Spotlight Report, which assesses more than 1,000 companies’ “policies, practices, and other relevant criteria to determine the likelihood a company will cancel a contract or client, or boycott, divest, or deny services based on views or beliefs.”

The 1792 Exchange team then used those assessments to assign businesses to three categories — “Lower Risk,” “Medium Risk,” and “High Risk.”

…Perhaps the most influential groups of woke companies in the report are banks. Numerous large banks are using their financial might to effectively force business customers into adopting climate change policies, even when it will require that those customers dramatically change their business practices.

FOX discussed 1792 Exchange on FOX and Friends.

Here is an example of a high-risk woke corporation.


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