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Joe Biden made a surprise trip to East Palestine, Ohio Kiev, Ukraine on Monday.

When he walked with Ukrainian President Zelensky into the courtyard in Kiev the air sirens went off.

Zelensky is a former actor turned president. Joe Biden is a lifelong politician and international grifter.

NOW – Air raid sirens going off as Biden arrives in

— (@disclosetv) February 20, 2023

Not a single person made a mad dash for cover as the sirens were blaring.

FYI – The left-wing war mongers insist this makes Joe Biden in his shades look like a competent leader.

In a warzone, with the real soundtrack of an air-raid siren.

This is the kind of American leadership that saved Europe in two wars.

And will again.#StandWithUkraine #UkraineWillWin #Ukraine #Kyiv #Biden #Zelensky

— Matthew VanDyke (@Matt_VanDyke) February 20, 2023

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