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This should make every American livid about not only the utter cruelty by law enforcement toward January 6 protesters.

The Epoch Times obtained bodycam footage from Officer Michael Dowling, a Metropolitan Police Department officer, showing him assaulting protesters with a flagpole.

Today there are dozens of Trump supporters sitting in prison for doing much less.

Now we know why Democrats and the Deep State DO NOT want the J6 Capitol Hill footage released.

One woman was hit twice in the head after she was trying to escape the Capitol Hill tunnel. Dowling also jabbed at several men who were facing the police.

The footage also shows Dowling dragging a pulseless Rosanne Boyland into the tunnel, As Gateway Pundit readers know, Boyland was brutally beaten by MPD officer Lila Morris and gassed and smothered on the US Capitol steps until she died.

Dowling also handed gas canisters to Virginia State Police and explosions were heard seconds later on the Lower West Terrance.

Even more sickeningly, his fellow officers openly congratulated Dowling for his awful actions with the pole. “You did well with that, sir,” one officer exclaimed.


The Epoch Times reported:

A Metropolitan Police Department officer wielding a wooden flagpole like a medieval lance inside the U.S. Capitol tunnel on Jan. 6, 2021, later bragged to fellow officers that the long wooden dowel was “my best weapon,” newly released bodycam video shows.

Video recorded by Officer Michael Dowling’s bodycam shows him climbing onto a narrow ledge in the Lower West Terrace tunnel and attacking a woman in a white coat standing near the entrance.

As Dowling jabbed at the woman—including two contacts to the head—she hurried to get off the ledge and escape the tunnel.

Someone at the front of the tunnel shouted at her, “Get the [expletive] out of here!”

Dowling picked up the flagpole from the floor of the tunnel entrance at 3:19 p.m. and moved into the tunnel.

After dislodging the woman in white, Dowling jabbed at a number of men at the front line who faced inward toward the police. That drew the ire of protest leader Anthony Alexander Antonio of Wilmington, Delaware, who had been addressing the crowd with a bullhorn.

“Quit that [expletive],” Antonio shouted at Dowling. “Quit that [expletive].”

Two hours later, after the crowds were pushed from the Lower West Terrace, Dowling met up with MPD Officer Jeffrey Leslie.

“I lost my flagpole,” Dowling lamented. “That was my best weapon.

“You did well with that, sir,” Leslie replied. When another officer approached, Leslie told him, “This guy’s the man with the flagpole.”

A fourth officer joined the conversation. “You got a few people with it?” he asked.

“Oh yeah,” Dowling replied.


Dowling helped drag a pulseless Rosanne Boyland into the Capitol just after 4:31 p.m. He grabbed hold of her right foot and helped move her into the center of two hallways. Shortly before Dowling began pulling on Boyland’s leg, another officer slipped and fell on top of her.

Dowling’s bodycam picked up the roar of protesters outside after Boyland was dragged inside. Officers at the front of the tunnel stood by while protesters repeatedly begged for medical help for Boyland.

At 5:05 p.m., Dowling rummaged through a hard-shell case inside the double doors and handed out munitions to a platoon of Virginia State Police that worked its way to the tunnel entrance.

“Pass it up,” he told one officer after handing him a gas canister. Some 30 seconds later, explosions were heard on the Lower West Terrace.

Officers Dowling and Leslie were awarded the Ribbon of Valor by the Metropolitan Police Department for their service on Jan. 6.

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