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Violent crime is so out of control in America’s Democratic-run major cities that the issue can no longer be ignored.

In an act of evil and cowardice that was caught on video and has gone viral, a man in St. Louis was seen calmly executing another man on a sidewalk in broad daylight Monday afternoon.

A video showed a suspect police have identified as 23-year-old Deshawn Thomas allegedly shooting another man following some sort of an altercation.

TMZ reported the victim was homeless.

In the video, the suspect can be seen standing over the victim after his gun appeared to have misfired. The chilling clip then showed the suspect calmly removing the weapon’s magazine and then reinserting it.

From there, the video showed him chamber a round, point it at his victim’s head and fire a single shot.

“Oh my God, he just f***ing killed him,” someone shouted off-camera while witnessing the casual slaying.

The victim did not appear to be aware he was in any danger at all. The man died while his alleged killer appeared unfazed by his actions.

St. Louis suspect seen calmly loading gun, shooting homeless man execution style in broad daylight: police

— Fox News (@FoxNews) March 1, 2023

The video could have easily been taken in any city in any third-world country in the world. Only this killing did not happen in Tijuana or Tehran.

It happened in Missouri’s second most populated city in America’s heartland. Thomas was arrested shortly after the homicide and reportedly found in possession of a handgun and shell casings, Fox News reported.

The murder was so brazen, the office of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner actually acted quickly to charge Thomas with first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

America’s major cities are not and never have been known for being free from crime. But since the Democratic Party-endorsed Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, the mood on America’s streets has shifted.

It sometimes appears as though criminals feel they are running the show.

Cops are being targeted.

Commuters and retirees are being stabbed, shot and pushed onto subway tracks.

Children are being struck by stray bullets.

Meanwhile, corrupt district attorneys across the country refuse to enforce the law and put many of these lunatics in prison, which is where they belong.

In a more alarming issue, multiple people stood idly by and one of them filmed Monday in St. Louis while a man was executed. It is a disgrace.

Urban Americans must arm themselves and be prepared at all times to defend life.

The Democrats who run these sinking ships are certainly not going to protect the public from the monstrosity they have created.

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