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A strange gesture made by singer Rihanna during the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday night has many on social media claiming that she was signaling support for the Illuminati.

At one point during the performance, Rihanna held up her hands and made a triangular symbol with them, which has led people on TikTok and Twitter to speculate that she was making the Illuminati symbol.

One user on TikTok posted a video with the caption, “Why is no one talking about this. The sign that she’s doing and the shape of her stage.”

@nikolapergamov Rihanna Super-Bowl #iluminatti #rihanna #superbowl #illuminaticonfirmed #nikolapergamov #jefreestar #sellsoul #fyp #stich #aliens #omg #rihannavideo ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

One Twitter user also pointed it out, saying that the TV stations “censored” it during the performance.

i was watching on youtube her performance again and i just realized they censored her Illuminati sign on tv

— 2000s (@PopCulture2000s) February 14, 2023

Now it seems very unlikely that Rihanna was actually making the gesture out of support for the Illuminati, and other people have since come forward with alternative theories that make much more sense.

One theory was that because she was singing the song “Diamonds” when she made the gesture, she was merely trying to signify a diamond as a visual for the audience.

Is it not just a diamond … in the sky … for you know … the song …

— Zoe (@Zoesoverthinkin) February 14, 2023

Others suggested that it was the symbol for Roc-A-Fella Records, coined by Jay-Z, which Rihanna is signed to on a record deal.

For context rihanna is signed to roc nation

— Blaze (@FaZeBlaze) February 14, 2023

Or, maybe that’s just the Roc Nation symbol.

— Eartha Kutt (@taronjoyner) February 14, 2023

that’s the rockafella symbol they all do it smh jay-sway in the stands beyoncé does it to so does the audience if you ever been to their concert bern to like 4 plus her song is shine bright like a diamond symbol y’all read into too much smh

— kelly pujue (@sierrasmom5) February 14, 2023

Now while the gesture was probably one of these two alternative theories, it is hardly surprising that the American public should see this gesture and automatically assume the worst.

The Hollywood elites are known for their leftist politics and their sinful lifestyle choices. Many have seemingly sold themselves out to the devil in order to advance their careers, as was demonstrated by Sam Smith’s recent Grammy performance.

We saw an explicit example of this during the Super Bowl, with an Avocados from Mexico advertisement that denigrated the fall of man and mocked God.

So, no, Rihanna was almost certainly not making the Illuminati symbol during her performance, but the character of the Hollywood elites is such, that Americans can be forgiven for assuming it.

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