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Camilo Hurtado Campos Mugshot — Franklin Police

A Tennessee community is reeling after Franklin Police say a popular soccer coach, 56-year-old Camilo Hurtado Campos, was arrested for drugging and raping at least 10 children.

Police say they expect to file more charges in the following weeks while expressing concern that the number of victims is potentially much greater than what is currently known.

According to NBC, Campos is being held on a $525,000 bond while it remains unclear if any counsel has been retained.

In a Sunday press release, it was explained that the the “heartbreaking” investigation was triggered after staff at a local restaurant found a cell phone allegedly belonging to Campos.

While searching the phone in an effort to return it to the owner, law enforcement says workers at the restaurant were shocked to discover “dozens of unconscionable videos and pictures of children.”

Among the horrendous files were numerous videos of Campos “raping unconscious boys between approximately 9 and 17 years old,” police say.

As further detailed in the press release:

“The 63-year-old soccer coach has lived in Franklin for the last 20 years, with that time split between two neighborhoods: Hill Estates and, most recently, on Glass Lane in the downtown Franklin area. During off-hours, Campos frequented nearby school playgrounds in both neighborhoods where he approached kids and recruited them as players on his team. After gaining their trust, Campos invited many of the kids to his home where he drugged and then raped them.”

Law enforcement further explains children seen in recovered videos “were in such an unconscious state, that they might not even realize that they are victims.”

Celebrity Producer and Nashville resident Robby Starbuck expressed outrage over the news while asking the public to help Franklin Police track down and identify the many alleged victims of Campos.

I’m sick over this case. He’s held right now on $525,000 bond. Why the hell does a child rapist get the chance to bond out of jail when he’s ON VIDEO raping kids??? Our penalties for pedophiles are nowhere near adequate in America. They deserve an immediate death penalty!

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) July 10, 2023

Franklin Police ask anyone who may have been in contact with Campos over the last twenty years to contact them by phone at: (615) 794-2513, or by email at:

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