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Bill Gates lies and says the 2022 Election “was run extremely well”

Corrupt Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates, a so-called Republican, says he is experiencing PTSD as he grips with “election denialism” following the rotten 2020 and 2022 elections that he seemingly helped steal in Maricopa County.

Bill Gates is a pathological liar. Why should we believe this? Why should we care?

This condition is commonly experienced by war veterans who witnessed horrible things while serving their country. But after all, according to the Democrats, RINO Bill Gates is a “defender of Democracy.”

As reported by Yvonne Wingett Sanchez for WAPO, “Gates and the other supervisors said they trusted the [2020 election] results and went beyond what had ever been done to ensure they were accurate. When the board met in late November to accept the results, Gates compared their constitutional duty to uphold the election results to the experience of his grandfather, who ‘went to Europe to fight for democracy’ during World War II.”

Like the radical left Democrats, Gates also sees himself as a war hero, akin to World War II veterans who fought — and died — for our freedoms. He clearly has no respect for our military heroes.

Bill Gates in another disrespectful lie claims that he and other Maricopa County Supervisors trusted the 2020 Election results. However, former Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri, who resigned due to The Gateway Pundit’s exclusive reporting, did not trust the results or the “bullsh*t” post-election audits performed by the County. Neither did Bill Gates. As revealed by Chucri in undercover audio tapes after the stolen 2020 Election, “[Bill] Gates got scared because he barely won. And Jack [Sellers] got scared because he only won by 200 votes, and then there was an audit and a recount, which was pretty bullshit, by the way.” Chucri also admitted there was “multifaceted” election fraud in 2020 with dead voters and illegal ballot harvesting.

According to Gates, he has “become very sad” and is “crying” over the alleged harassment and Republican officials “question[ing] my integrity.”

Perhaps this is why he has aligned himself with the Democrats and publicly roots for them. After the 2022 primary elections, Bill Gates said the wins for Trump-Endorsed candidates, who don’t believe Maricopa County runs fair elections, was a “catastrophe” and suggested that Republicans must lose in November.

Gates even “felt anger swelling in his chest” when his plumber showed up at his house donning a MAGA hat. “It was a trigger,” said Gates. Give us a break.

As the Gateway Pundit reported, Gates will also appear today at the secret invite-only “Summit on American Democracy” from May 8-9 with partisan hack David Becker’s Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) for “A conference on the current state of American democracy and elections.” David Becker is the far-left operative who founded the ERIC system used in over 30 states, including Arizona, with 35m voter records. He is quoted in the article below as a member of Gates’ “support network.”

He is currently expected to be in Washington, DC, for this summit.

This new charade of crying to the media and accusing Republicans of harming his mental health is the latest cover-up of the stolen 2022 election, which is still undergoing multiple lawsuits. No honest person believes the midterm election, where 60% of machines across Maricopa County failed to read ballots and lines spanned four hours long for Republican voters, was fair.

Kari Lake War Room shared this story on Twitter:

Bill Gates, the corrupt chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, is claiming to have PTSD from the criticism he’s received from his constituents over the last fews years.

Embrassing. He can’t run an election, but he can run to the media for sympathy.

Bill Gates, the corrupt chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, is claiming to have PTSD from the criticism he’s received from his constituents over the last fews years.

Embrassing. He can’t run an election, but he can run to the media for sympathy.

— Kari Lake War Room (@KariLakeWarRoom) May 6, 2023

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Arizona Supreme Court remanded Kari Lake’s lawsuit back to the trial court to review the “erroneous[ly]” dismissed signature verification fraud count, and a Status Conference is being held TODAY. See examples of the fraudulent signatures accepted by Maricopa County here.

NEW: Maricopa County Superior Court Order Sets Status Conference MONDAY to Consider Kari Lake’s Signature Verification Fraud Challenge and Potentially MORE – ORDER INCLUDED

Bill Gates is “crying” because they didn’t follow the law.

The Washington Post reports,

Bill Gates, 51, a lifelong Republican elected to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, stood with his wife and a friend and ticked off the names of those gathered around them who had betrayed him, their party and their country.

Gates stewed that they had done nothing as he and other leaders in Arizona’s most populous county faced relentless criticism, violent threats and online harassment for upholding the results of the 2020 presidential election. They helped spread baseless conspiracies about the voting process that turned him and his colleagues into targets. They stood by as his family lived in fear and briefly fled their home.

At the reception, Gates began wildly waving his arms as he ranted. He was out of control and on the verge of disrupting the solemn gathering. His friend walked away. His wife, Pam, grabbed his arm tightly and shook him.
“What the hell are you doing?” she asked. “You’ve got to stop this. Stop it!”

The intensity of the past two years had delivered Bill Gates to the brink. His usual cheerfulness and folksy humor were gone, and he had grown sullen and lonely as he detached from those closest to him. He wasn’t sleeping and had lost his appetite. He was always preparing for the next fight, and his ever-simmering anger would increasingly explode into view during public meetings, interviews with journalists and social gatherings.

A therapist would soon tell him he was experiencing classic signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition typically associated with wartime veterans and violent assaults.

He grew up watching C-SPAN after elementary school, founded a teenage Republican club and then pursued elected office. He preached low taxes and smaller government, first on the Phoenix city council and then as a county supervisor representing nearly a million constituents in one of the nation’s most politically competitive areas. He led election integrity operations for the Republican Party and voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 general election. He served as a church catechist and had always taken pride in his integrity and decision-making.

By the spring of 2022, however, he had begun to question his own worth. He felt himself slipping away. His family did, too.

His wife said she no longer recognized the man she’d met on their college mock trial team back in Iowa three decades ago. His three teenage daughters stopped coming to him with their problems. Somewhere in the fog of his fight for democracy, they thought he had stopped listening to them. He was consumed by feelings of abandonment by friends and never-ending political fights with fellow Republicans.

His wife confronted him in the kitchen the morning after his friend’s funeral in early May 2022.

“You have to go to therapy,” Pam Gates, 51, recalled telling him. They had planned to travel once she retired, but she couldn’t imagine spending so much time with the person he’d become. She knew being in politics required sacrifices, but this was too much.

“I will forever love you, but this angry, angry person who doesn’t listen, who is so under pressure constantly, isn’t someone I like right now. The person I like and the person I love is still there. But the person I live with every day is someone I don’t even recognize.”

He’d experienced many devastating moments since 2020, but this one hurt the most. He called the county’s benefits department and soon after, described the state of his health in an online assessment.

“I’m an elected official who has experienced a significant amount of death threats since the 2020 election and also have had many other elected officials from my own party who have attacked me and questioned my integrity,” he typed.

“With COVID subsiding, I have started to attend public functions where I’ve seen some of these individuals and I have reacted very negatively and gotten very angry. I have also been interviewed by many journalists over the last 16 months [about] this issue and have become very sad and very angry during these interviews, sometimes even crying.”

In May 2022, Gates had his first meeting with a therapist.

“I was embarrassed to call it PTSD,” he recalled telling her. No, she replied, that’s what you’re experiencing.

He talked about his feelings of betrayal and the physical manifestations of his emotions. The hate from critics triggered insecurity and anger, causing his blood pressure to rise, headaches, anxiety and insomnia. He learned that he operated best through acts of affirmation and encouragement — the opposite of the disparagement he received on social media and at many political gatherings.

“I’m not the smartest guy,” he said. “I’m not the most dynamic speaker. But I was always, like, honest. I had integrity. They’ve taken that away from me forever.”

His therapist offered coping mechanisms, like breathing exercises and letting go of things he couldn’t control.

Before 2020, discussions at gatherings like the one in Colorado rarely strayed from technical procedures, like processing ballots or maintaining voter lists. Now they are a forum to share stories of personal suffering, said David Becker, who heads the nonprofit Center for Election Innovation & Research and has for years attended the conferences.

“Now they’re almost group therapy sessions,” said Becker. “It’s the opportunity for these people to get together with their support network.”

Meanwhile, Gates and his colleagues were preparing for another election. He channeled his anger into aggressively debunking false information, demystifying the voting process and trying to protect voters from intimidation.
“This was my chance to say the truth and to show people that we were doing things right and that we’re good people,” he said.

That fall, his therapist reached out with reminders: Other people’s opinions didn’t define his reality. Positive thoughts cultivate positive actions. Overthinking a problem wouldn’t solve it. You cannot make everyone happy.

Gates felt good and was busier than normal. He skipped therapy sessions.

Within minutes of the polls opening on Election Day, there were reports of problems with the printers that produce ballots. Conspiracy theories spread, and Gates again found himself under attack. His wife knew the drill. She packed a bag and they fled their home.

As polls closed that evening, Gates, election workers and reporters from all over the world were sequestered in the vote-counting center. Drones and a helicopter flew the skies and police on horseback patrolled the roads. It felt like a war zone.

Gates and election officials faced scrutiny and ridicule about the equipment failures. Every few hours, he stepped before the cameras in the lobby and took reporters’ questions.

That night and in the tense weeks that followed, he sometimes felt caged. “Guys, I just need a few minutes,” he remembered telling the team.

Breathing exercises and prayer kept him calm, along with pacing around a conference room. He kept reminding himself that he was acting with integrity by accepting responsibility for mistakes and helping the public understand the vote-counting process.

In January, he relinquished his chairmanship and passed the gavel. Tension in his body fell away.

But Gates could not escape his struggles.

He’s back to attending regular therapy sessions and accepting his status as an outsider in Trump’s Republican Party. The attorney general’s investigation found nearly all claims of malfeasance were unfounded, and the probe ended this year.

He’s making amends with old friends he felt were disloyal to him, an important step in the long process of healing.

Now when Gates’ critics call him a traitor, he reminds himself that their opinions are a reflection of them, not him. But that’s often difficult — especially as the nation prepares for another presidential election and as Trump continues to dominate Republican politics.

Just the other day, a worker came to his home to fix a leaky pipe and wore a red “Make America Great Again” hat. Gates felt anger swelling in his chest.

“It was a trigger to see that hat in my house,” he said.

Gates left the room and took some deep breaths.

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