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As Patty McMurray reported earlier – This afternoon, CPAC attendees voted for the person they would choose to be the next Republican Presidential candidate if the election were held today.

President Donald Trump got a whopping 62% of the vote from the CPAC attendees. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who did not attend the conservative gathering, got 20% of the vote. But it was the relatively unknown billionaire businessman from Michigan, Perry Johnson, whose never held a political office, stunned the pundits when he took third place in the poll ahead of the former S. Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Here’s a closeup of the top vote-getters, which shows Perry Johnson taking 5% of the votes and former S. Carolina Governor Nikki Haley coming in fourth place with only 3% of the vote. :

Johnson tweeted about his incredible third-place victory, where he was a “WRITE IN” candidate who beat out a crowd of well-known Republican candidates, including former VP Mike Pence and the current, popular Republican governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin.

This was too much for FOX News.  The FOX News brass could not be honest with the American public following the CPAC poll.  So they eliminated Perriy Johnson from their graphic.  That way they could insert their RINO darling Nikki Haley in at the third spot.

It was another rough weekend for FOX News.  What will they report on for the next two years now that they boycotted President Donald Trump?  That leaves a lot of time for drag queen coverage.

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