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The Secret Service on Monday told reporters there is still no suspect in the Biden White House cocaine scandal.

They are completely baffled.

But, gosh darnit, they will keep on looking for the culprit who left a bag of cocaine in the library, east wing, west wing, trafficked hallway, near Kamaala’s parking spot… They keep changing their story which is not suspicious at all.

The Secret Service originally said the coke was found in the library. Then the story started changing.

Pretty sure the Secret Service is fed up w the #BidenCrimeFamilly at this point. They released the audio of their radio comms.

In the past, they’ve not done so when cleaning up after a Biden.

— Salty Texan (@texan_maga) July 7, 2023

It’s like they are hiding something?

Alternative story coming out about the cocaine found at the White House. Not sure how to square this with the dispatch audio which says “found in the library”.

— Miranda Devine (@mirandadevine) July 4, 2023

And now the Secret Service says they have no idea who hid the cocaine in the library!

If only this crime would have occurred in a residence with ample security cameras maybe they would have identified the culprit by now?

Via Breitbart News.

The Secret Service said Monday that its probe into who brought cocaine into the White House is “still open and active.”

“It is still open and active at this time,” Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told Breitbart News.

There is no suspect yet, he said. “Something like that would come after an investigation is completed,” he added.

The House Oversight Committee has requested a briefing by the Secret Service by this Friday.

Secret Service to Brief Congressional Staff on Mystery of Cocaine in the Biden White House

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