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A Las Vegas couple experienced a harrowing car crash on the I-70 freeway in Colorado.

A travel trailer towed behind a truck flipped wildly in the accident, which seemingly only involved one vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle said that poor highway maintenance may have led to the dangerous situation.

“We ran into some big potholes with rebar sticking out, and we lost control,” Thomas Kuemmel explained.

Leslie Brock, his fiancée, said the accident was as terrifying to experience as it looked on-camera.

“We were just cruising along and next thing you, know the trailer starts to jerk and it makes us lose absolute control and it was very scary.”

“I thought I was going to die,” the passenger said of the accident, according to KDVR-TV.

#Pothole from Hell. Driver in #Colorado says it caused his #camper #trailer to bounce out of control. Said “I thought I was going to die” Near @LovelandSkiArea on I-70 @KDVR @channel2kwgn

— Vicente Arenas (@vicentearenastv) March 9, 2023

In a twist, Kuemmel was cited by Colorado state troopers after nearly losing their lives to the dangerous pothole.

The motorist was given a ticket for careless driving, in spite of his efforts to point out the pothole had caused the accident — rather than his own negligence.

The Colorado State Patrol directed Kuemmel toward the legal process when asked for comment on the ticket by KDVR.

“When someone does not agree with a citation, both sides can appear in court and present the information and evidence before a judge, who would then make a decision in the case,” a representative for the agency said.

Video from the scene of the crash shows another pothole that poses a threat to traffic, especially in wet weather conditions.

Closeup look at a pothole near crash site

— Vicente Arenas (@vicentearenastv) March 9, 2023

The dangers posed by the pothole were apparently noticed by the state.

The Colorado Department of Transportation shut down that section of the eastbound I-70 to repair a pothole two days after the accident, according to the news report.

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