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Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) is rumored to be “brain dead” while reportedly hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda.

This wouldn’t be the first time Fetterman and the Democrats have hidden his health problems from the public. In May 2022, The Gateway Pundit reported Fetterman suffered a major stroke that almost took his life just months before the mid-term elections.  Democrats hid the seriousness of his condition and pushed him to campaign when he was not even capable of holding a conversation.

Fetterman did not come clean on his health for years regarding his heart disease or how damaging last year’s stroke was. He now has a pacemaker and defibrillator implanted, and it was only recently reported that he has “serious mental health challenges” from the stroke that have taken a “psychological toll” on him.

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday that Fetterman is much worse than he, his wife, and staff are telling the public after checking into the hospital for clinical depression on February 15.

Shock Report: Sen. Fetterman Was Hospitalized Because He Was Unable to Take Care of Himself

According to CNN and The New York Times, Fetterman may have been hospitalized because he is “unable to take care” of himself or “needs a better plan to take care of himself, both physically and emotionally.”

Instead of questioning Fetterman’s health and ability to serve, Democrats are spinning the narrative and calling him “brave” for admitting his problem and seeking help by checking himself into a hospital for it. Pennsylvania’s new Democrat Governor, Josh Shapiro, even said he will reject any suggestions that Senator John Fetterman should resign.

New rumors may explain why he is unable to take care of himself. The Gateway Pundit cannot currently verify these rumors.

Headline USA reported,

A viral tweet from John Cardillo, a former NYPD officer turned conservative radio host and social-media influencer, called for an investigation into whether Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., may be clinically brain dead as Democrats engage in a cover-up to avoid a special election before August.

Cardillo’s tweet made a significant splash on social media, garnering more than a million views and 18,000 likes as of Saturday night.

However, Headline USA was unable to verify the accuracy of either claim—that Fetterman was clinically brain-dead or that an Aug. 18 deadline would allow far-left Gov. Josh Shapiro to avoid calling a special election.

Headline USA reached out to both Cardillo and to Fetterman press secretary Joe Calvello, and we will update with any response.

Pennsylvania law stipulates that a special election must be held “at the time of the next general or municipal election, occurring at least ninety (90) days after the happening of such vacancy.”

Fetterman’s near-fatal stroke was widely concealed by and later downplayed the media during his senatorial race last year, enabling him to handily defeat celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz on the strength of early mail-in balloting before the two had even debated.

The Gateway Pundit cannot confirm nor deny this reporting.

Cardillo tweeted yesterday evening, claiming that “Fetterman is essentially brain dead,” and this is being hidden from the public.

Being told that Fetterman is essentially brain dead and it’s being hidden because keeping him in office until August 18th avoids a special election which Republicans would most certainly win.

This must be investigated.

— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) February 25, 2023

Pat Brody also shared the rumor.

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is allegedly brain dead and being kept from public eye until August 18th to avoid special election contest.

— Pat Brody (@PATBR0DY) February 25, 2023

Brody then conducted a Twitter poll, asking, Do you believe what they’re telling you about Senator Fetterman? Roughly 90% of the over 8,000 respondents replied “no” or “unsure.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, John Fetterman’s proud illegal alien wife, Gisele, fled the country for Canada with the couple’s children for a vacation after he was hospitalized.

Wife of the Year: When John Fetterman Was Hospitalized With Depression, Gisele Took the Kids on A Fun Road Trip to Canada, Not to Comfort Their Ailing Father


This is a developing story.

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