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Revival meetings are breaking out on historically black college campuses following similar events at other universities last month.

Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, made headlines nationwide when a Feb. 8 chapel service turned into a two-week non-stop prayer and praise session.

Other universities in Ohio, Alabama, Texas, and Tennessee reported similar outpourings happening on their campuses.

Yasmin Pierce, director of the Black Voices Movement, told CBN News her group recently sent teams to 20-30 historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) to fill a need they saw.

Concerning an HBCU in North Carolina, she recounted, “Now, the student union on this campus is a three-story building, but they just say, ‘We’re just going to share the gospel in just open air.’ So they just start preaching the gospel and people stop in their tracks all across this student union.”

“And [one of the Black Voices’ preachers] boldly says, ‘OK, if you know you need to give your life to Jesus today, I want you to come down here right now, and we’re going to pray for you.’ And all the way up from the third floor, people start streaming down to commit their lives to Jesus Christ,” Pierce told CBN.

“We had another young man just a few weeks ago just talking to three other men at an HBCU. He’s sharing about the gospel, and they’re so gripped that they say, ‘Hey, we want to call others of our friends over.’ Before he knows it, he’s talking to nine men altogether. And all of them in conversation give their lives to Jesus right there,” she said.

Pierce went on to explain, “God really burdened our hearts with this phrase, ‘The King is calling.’”

Charisma Magazine reported that Arthur Breland, lead pastor of United Church Atlanta, believes three secular HBCU campuses near his church are experiencing revival: Morehouse and Spelman colleges, and Clark Atlanta University.

“They are gathering in groups of 50 to 70 students to pray, do evangelism, repent of sin, and worship Jesus,” Breland wrote on social media.

Nick Hall, president of pulse Ministries, told CBN News the same day that the Asbury University revival broke out students at the University of Oklahoma learned that they would be able to rent the school’s 86,000 football stadium for a Christian gathering at the end of April.

The news came after months of the school denying the request.

“I really do believe that God is doing something right now that is unprecedented in modern times. This hasn’t happened in decades,” Hall said.

The last great spiritual awakening in U.S. history also happened among the younger generation during the Jesus movement in the late 1960s and 1970s when perhaps millions came to faith in Christ.

That awakening is the subject of the feature movie “Jesus Revolution” currently enjoying a strong box office run, with over $45 million in ticket sales to date.

God appears to be up to something, again.

Just as he saved the United States from disintegration during that very turbulent time, he seems to be shedding his grace on America again.

Let us pray it is so, and that the population responds appropriately.

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