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New York City is reportedly spending five million dollars a day on the feeding and housing of illegal immigrants now living on the city.

In what world is this kind of figure acceptable or even sustainable? How long can this possibly go on?

Think about the size of that number and imagine what could be done with that money to help American citizens.

If New York City has that kind of money to spend on illegal immigrants, why are there homeless people in the city? How is anyone in the city going hungry?

The New York Post reports:

NYC official says city is spending an estimated $5M a day on housing, feeding migrants

New York City is spending nearly $5 million a day to house and feed thousands of migrants — but the Big Apple is still barely getting a dime in aid from President Biden and Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The mind-blowing cost of the crisis was revealed Friday afternoon after city Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol told a City Council panel that Gotham’s Department of Homeless Services and Health & Hospitals each spend an average of $363 daily to provide food and shelter for just a single migrant.

Given that there are more than 30,000 migrants currently being housed in city taxpayer-funded facilities, that would amount to a daily staggering bill of $10.89 million.

City Hall then waited until Friday night to officially correct Iscol’s comments.

After Mayor Eric Adams’ administration refused for several hours to go on the record, a spokeswoman, Kate Smart, finally wrote in an e-mail to The Post that “$364 per household is the per diem for asylum seekers.”

Based on what City Hall would only say on background earlier, “there are 12,700 households currently in our care,” that puts the daily migrant cost for the city still at a colossal $4,622,800.

This is insanity.

NYC is spending an average of nearly $5 million per day on housing, feeding migrants, which : ‘Not sustainable’

Queens Councilwoman Julie Won says city needs more assistance — esp. from Hochul.

“State partners and our federal partners need to step up.”

— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) March 7, 2023

Nearly Five. Million. Dollars. Per Day. That’s just ONE SANCTUARY CITY!

That obscene figure is how much some 30,000 illegal immigrants cost New York City, per Mayor Adams’ emergency management honcho Zach Iscol.

The ultimate two-year tab is projected to

— Tumbling Mirth (@KgMirth) March 5, 2023

Is there any wonder why people are still fleeing New York in droves?

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