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Forget the image of Donald Trump being marched off in handcuffs on Tuesday or any other day this week.

Now it appears that any potential indictment of Trump will happen either next week or may not happen at all.

The Gateway Pundit reported Sunday that such an arraignment was likely to be pushed back because a mystery witness still had yet to testify.

Now this…

Here is Fox reporter David Spunt with the latest news:

Bret (Baier), some developing news as I’m on the air right now. We just got a readout from a law enforcement meeting in New York going over the potential reaction to a Trump indictment.

According to those sources briefed in that law enforcement meeting, it does not appear any arraignment will happen until next week, although things could change.

But looks like nothing is going to happen this week per law enforcement and it looks like a virtual option which would allow the former president to appear virtually online is off the table.

So it appears he will come in person if he is indicted and according to law enforcement sources they are pushing the timeline back somewhat.


BREAKING: Trump indictment NOT happening tomorrow or this week! It’s been pushed back to next week IF it even happens at all!’

— PatriotRose17 (@PatriotRose17) March 20, 2023

It appears one reason for the timeline pushback is an additional witness is expected to appear Wednesday. The name of this witness remains unknown at this point.

#TrumpProbe: Two different sources say the Manhattan DA is still calling another witness on Wednesday (this grand jury doesn’t sit on Tuesdays).

— Marta Dhanis (@MartaDhanis) March 20, 2023


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