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Joe Biden asked his aides and his grandchildren how they it was possible for young people to “make love” during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report from far-left The Washington Post, Biden’s “favorite monologue” involved questions about the deteriorating mental health of isolated young people and how they were proceeding with their sex lives.

The Post reported:

In the early months of his presidency, as the pandemic dragged on with its stifling restrictions, President Biden often delivered a favorite monologue to aides: He was worried about young people’s mental health, he said. High school seniors were missing prom and graduation. He wanted to know how college students went on dates.

Specifically, Biden wondered how young people could “make love” under the circumstances, according to two aides who heard the president use that phrase multiple times during his first year in office. Biden’s fixation on loneliness among young people, the aides said, grew out of his near-daily conversations with his grandchildren.
Biden brought those concerns to Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy, who had written a book on loneliness, and encouraged him to prioritize the issue. 

Biden is, of course, well known for his creepiness and inappropriate behavior. Just last month, it was reported that Biden would regularly reveal risqué secrets about his relationship with his wife and informed aides that the secret to their nearly 50 year marriage is “good sex.”

Yet that is comparatively innocent compared to some of his other behavior. The 81-year-old is notorious for his attempts to touch children inapproriately, often making them visibly uncomfortable.

A compilation of various clips clearly showing President Joe Biden sniffing and touching children inappropriately.

— Space Pirate ‍ (@SpacePirate144) February 5, 2024

He also been credibly accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade, who claims that back in 1993 Biden pinned her up against the wall and penetrated her with his fingers while she was working as a staffer in his Senate office. Reade has since emigrated to Moscow in order to feel safe.

“He had his hands underneath my clothes and it happened all at once,” Reade said in a recent interview with Megyn Kelly. “So he had one hand underneath my shirt and the other hand I had a skirt on, and he like went down my skirt and then went up and I remember I was up almost on my tippy-toes.”

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